Thursday, February 25, 2010

I can not speak enough about how much I love my husband! He is the absolute best thing that ever happened to my life and I am forever thankful for him! As you've read in our "love story" our fate was no accident. It had a purpose. It was supposed to happen. I accidentally fell in love with him, though. I didn't go by the books. I didn't play hard-to-get & make him fall for me first. I fell for him -- hard, face (er, heart) first, smack-dab in love with him from the first time I saw him! I just couldn't help it! And that feeling has never -- EVER -- left my heart! In fact, I think it has grown! I find things every day that I love more about him. The way he watches 2 hour shows with me that he doesn't care to watch, the way he cherishes my sweetnesses I give him, the way he stands going to a busy restaurant with a long wait after a hard day of work just so I can support my cooperating school! He loves me, unconditionally. And I love him for that! :)