Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Littlest Brick Chick

You went out to eat for the first time in your little life last night!

We went out to eat with Philip, Dena, and Caylin. We haven't been able to get together with them for a while and decided to go out to the brick... Which is if course, your Daddy and my favorite restaurant.

It was packed!! But you and Caylin both did so great waiting patiently. They ended up not seating us until 720 and you aurally go I bed around 730. I was pleased with how well behaves you were considering how late it was for you!

I had to feed you your baby food there, but you were more interested in what I was eating. Too bad I couldn't share with you because it was still too spicy for your tender tummy.

I wiped down the table in front of you as well as the high chair you sat in, because it was only a matter of time before you were trying to chew on both of them. I forgot to pack you any toys in the diaper bag, but thankfully had one in there -- a ring with plastic beads to chew on and manipulate. That was entertaining for a while, but then you just wanted to throw it on the floor.

You lasted until a little after 8 when you wanted to lay your head on my shoulder and I was singing in your ear. Your eyes would be just about closed and then you would pop your head up and let out a little cry like "let's go home!" so we did.

I told your Daddy I felt bad we have not taken you out before. People from all over the restaurant were telling is how beautiful and precious you are!! Made me a proud Mama and made my heart smile! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seven Months Old!!!

Our sweetest Lucy,

You are 7 months old!

I cannot believe that your birthday is in fewer months than you are old.

What are you up to these days? Well...

You are about 16 lbs. and about 26 inches long (unfortunately, we don't have accurate doctor measurements this month)!

You are wearing a size 3 diaper! You just recently switched into them too, like just a few days ago. You also started wearing Parents Choice diapers as you get more in a box and they are $11.00 cheaper! :) Yay for Walmart brand!!

You have started talking (baby talk) a lot more. Mainly da-da but also a lot of ba-da-ga-da-ba-ga :)

Love to give me kisses still! You've also kissed CiCi and Memaw.

Can pick out the color yellow when given two choices. I'll hold out a blue block and a yellow one, tell you the color of both, and ask you "Which ones yellow? Where's the yellow one?" and you will stick out your hand and touch the yellow one every single time! Smart girl!

You have moved up to the next room at daycare. We love Ms. Ella (although she's retiring), Miss Kacie is still your afternoon girl and we still really like her too, but we've also come to love Ms. Mindy too now that she's in your room some afternoons. She'll take y'all outside and play with you on the floor. She's the daytime worker for the next class up -- I can't wait for you to be with her during the day!

You are just getting interested in trying to scoot, but love to bounce and sit up. Your feet finally touch the floor now when you sit in your walker in the kitchen but you only know how to go backwards! :)

Oh and you have AWESOME balance when standing while holding something. In fact, this past weekend at Memaw and Big Daddy's we were all gathered around oohing and aahing at how good you could stand holding onto a chair and you started showing off and took one hand off and held it way far out to the side and just grinned! So sweet!!

You still have ZERO teeth! I have given up on guessing if you're teething because every time I'm sure you are, you get no teeth to show for it... You are drooling a LOT, put everything in your mouth, and bite hard... But still nothing! Oh well!

You were diagnosed with plagiocephaly which is just where your head got flat on one side from laying you on your back to sleep. Thankfully, there's a way to fix it. You're going to have to wear a helmet for a few months but it'll be off by your birthday, and I'm gonna make sure you rock it! I'm planning on putting your name on it with some polka dots or something.

Some fun things we like doing with you are...

Your Daddy has always loved singing the silliest songs with you. The current favorite is the "circus song." It goes something like "LMD Circus is coming to town" and then he sings the classic clown music.

He also likes to put one hand on each side of your head (& you love it cause you'll hold his hands there), and he moves it side to side and says "crazy baby, crazy baby!". And then he pauses and squishes your cheeks together and says "crazy face!"

You also love playing peek-a-boo and seeing people when they come back in from being outside or in another room. You get so giddy and excited -- it's hilarious!

Every morning after I change your diaper, you want to look at yourself in the mirror and I tell you the same thing: "You are beautiful. You are smart. You are kind. And you're important in this world...especially mine!"

We love you sweet girl! Thank you for being so perfect! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

It won't be that bad...


A couple of months ago, I noticed you favoring one side of your head when you rested or were laying down. We brought it up to Dr. Ivey and we agreed to watch to make sure your head didn't flatten on one side abs if it did, we would talk about our options later. Well, it did and do he referred us to Children's Hospital in Atlanta to their Orthopedic & Prosthetic center.

We went today and they scanned your head by putting a white stocking type material over your hair. Then, they laid you in this crib-shaped machine that made a scan of your head much like a photo copier. No X-rays, it didn't hurt, and you didn't cry. The results came back and when they looked at the measurements, your measurements the ones from front to back and side to side were perfect! The ones diagonally were higher than we wanted them to be. (They wanted a measurement less than 6 and yours was 16).

So as it turns out, your going to have to wear a corrective helmet for a few months, but it'll be off by your birthday! :). Its no different than any other child having to wear braces ob their teeth, glasses on their eyes or a cast on their leg. I'm just so scared that you won't be able to lay your head on my shoulder when I rock you anymore or that its going to bug the stew out of you... :( you're my baby and I never want you to go through something that brings you frustration or displeasure. This is what is best though for you do we'll have to make the best of the situation.

I picked out a light pink one for you and plan to cut your name out in vinyl letters on my new cricut this weekend to help make it even cuter than you're already going to! :)

I love you sweet girl and I am so sorry you have to do this. Biggest kisses!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I love Love!

Meet one of my best friends, Kendall!

She is 25 years old and lives in Georgia!

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She is beautiful!

She is VERY organized and finds a strange pleasure in
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