Thursday, July 26, 2012


Each month leaves just as quickly as it came, and I am in such shock every month when I write the words "This month, Miss Lucy, you are ____ years old."  However, I honestly cannot believe the words I am about to type....
Miss Lucy, you are ONE YEAR OLD!!!

This month, my sweet girl:

You are 18 1/2 pounds and about 28 inches long!  This puts you at about the 22nd percentil overall -- teeny, tiny little thing!

You are still in size 4 diapers (Parents Choice for the day, Pamper's Extra Protection at night)

You wear mostly 12 month size clothes, although in pants you are still probably 0-3 month (you wear mostly dresses though!)

You wear a coordinating hairbow everyday with every outfit -- even if you're just in your diaper! Ha!

You cruise anywhere you want to go in the house, as long as you can reach from one piece of furniture to another, or use someone's hand to help you out.

You love walking, holding onto someone's hands, but are getting better at balancing and can do it with just holding on to one hand.

Never crawled by your first birthday -- although, at the time I'm finally getting around to typing this, you finally crawled for the very first time at one year and a week!!  Your Daddy & I both witnessed it in our new bedroom of our new house!  Your Daddy & I never imagined we would have a baby that reached their first birthday not having ever crawled or walked!  That's okay, Miss Prissy Pants, I'd carry you forever if I had to! :)

This month...WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE! :)  It's in a much more desireable neighborhood, and will allow you to (hopefully) grow up playing with friends down the street.  It's much bigger than our old house, and has a lot more features that we needed and love such as: a pantry in our kitchen, granite countertops and real hardwood floors throughout the house, beautiful shag carpet in the bedrooms, separate shower/jetted tub in the master, high ceilings, playroom/office, and unfinished upstairs to make into whatever we want.  Although it will be your Daddy's office/game room initially, I'm sure you'll make it your bedroom one day! :)  I've worked hard to make your new room as similar to your old room as possible, not only because it was so darn cute to begin with, but so that it would be an easier transition for you, and hopefully feel like "home" for you a lot sooner! :)

I think your favorite part of the new house is the hardwood floors -- we will put you in your walker and you will go all the way through the living room, down the hall, into the kitchen, out the breakfast area, back into the living room, into and out of the playroom, back down the hall, and even sometimes can make it go over the carpet into our bedroom -- you are a professional! :)

You're saying "Mama" and "Dada" as well as "Bye" (every now and then), "Buh" for book, and have occasionally said "Uh-Oh!"  In fact, the other day you were walking around Christy & Korey Sutton's coffee table, and knocked your juice cup onto the floor and looked up and said "Uh-Oh!" It was perfect!  You will also hassle like a dog when you see Sunny, CiCi and Papa's dog.  We tried to teach you to say "Ooo-Ooo-Aaah-Aaah" like a monkey the other day because....

We took you to the Atlanta Zoo for the very first time on your birthday! :)  Your Daddy worked the Saturday before just so he could take your birthday off from work.  We let you eat breakfast and left around 9 in the morning.  We got there about 10:30 and left around 12:30. It was so hot, and most of the animals were laying in what little shade they could find, bless their hearts!  While you couldn't see much, you were able to see the elephants and some different birds and monkeys.  Although you won't remmber that trip, you took lots of cute pictures, and I know you really had fun! We even let you eat the greasy on-site cafe food -- yuck!  You also got a pretty sweet shirt as a souveneir! :)

You had your first (and I think last because I'm pretty sure you can only get it once) bout of Roseola.  You started running fever and having a bit of diarrhea for a few days.  I took you into Dr. Ivey to be sure it wasn't an ear infection and sure enough, he said you were fine and that it was probably just a cold.  After about 3 days though, your fever broke, and you broke out in a full-blown rash from head to toe!  It didn't bother you or itch, it just made you really irritable!  As I've said before, you're a pretty good baby, so when you're irritable it makes me crazy because I'm not used to you acting that way!

You love Yummo Yogo -- we have eaten there several times this summer.  It's such a cool refreshing treat in this hot summer heat!  You almost eat the whole cup by yourself, and sometimes cry when the bowl is empty -- ha! :)

You have 4 teeth now!!!  You have three on the bottom and one on top.  This makes it a whole lot easier to feed you more of a variety of foods. While you still eat your Gerber Pasta Pick-ups a lot, you are now eating some of what we eat for dinner, too!  You love to feed yourself, and are getting a lot better at chewing up big bites before swallowing :)

You love brushing your teeth, taking a bath, and washing your hands -- You're a very clean baby! :)

You can click your tongue, make a fun noise while running your tongue from side to side in your mouth, and smack your lips.

You love pretending to share food with your Daddy & I.  You will hold out your little hand like you have food between your pointer and thumb fingers and smack your lips until we reach down and pretend like we're eating whatever you're offering :) 

You're sweet at giving kisses, and sometimes use the opportunity to practice biting -- uh oh!

You watch "Elmo: Singing with the Stars" at most meals.  It's a video of short music segments with hit music stars singing with the Sesame Street crowd.  Your favorite is the one with Destiny's Child singing "I got a new way to walk."  In the lyrics, they say the words "walk, walk" and every time it comes to that part you hum in the same tune at the same time.  Now, even when we sit you down to eat, you'll hum that part just to let us know that you want to watch the DVD.

You can show us where your tummy is --you show us your tummy when we ask, and are getting to where you point to it when you're hungry. You also can show us where other people's eyes are ("Where are Mommy's eyes?  Where are Daddy's eyes?) but not yours for some reason -- ha!  I guess you're just smart enough not to poke your own self in the eye -- haha!

Lucy, this past year has gone way to fast but has been so much fun!  I think back to what my life was like a year ago, and it was so different!  I was a scared but confident first-time mom, just trying to figure out which way was your favorite way to be held, and thinking of new songs and traditions I wanted to start with you.  I've enjoyed every single last minute of your first year, from your first yawn to your latest smile.  I am so proud of the little girl you are becoming!  We get compliments all the time on how sweet you are, and how precious your smile is.  I beam from ear to ear every time someone says you look just like me, because I think you're beautiful -- and while I tell them "thank you" what I want to do is go off on a tangent telling them how much more beautiful you are on the inside!  You're so sweet the way you share, and the way you timidly smile when you hear a noise you like or touch something new for the first time.  There are so many things that I love about you: the way your nose wrinkles when you smile; the way you love to bounce; the plumpness of your feet, and the roundeness of your belly; the way you suck your thumb, and how much you love your lovie.  I could go on and on and this would be the post that never ended!  You are just the absolute light of our lives, Little Lucy!  The fun has only just begun...

With all of our love,
Mama & Daddy