Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work, work, work... :)

Today was a "full day" for me -- well, here lately anyways! I woke up early this morning by Chris getting ready for work. Usually I'm able to fall back asleep pretty easily, but today was different. That's okay though, I needed to get started on some projects!
I went to Learning Safari to get started on ordering supplies for the new school year -- yay! I just love the fresh start of a new school year - always have! Unfortunately, I'll be missing the first couple of weeks of this one, but it's okay, I LOVE the reason I'm missing it even more! ;) Mary & I sat down together and thought of things we needed to replenish and then things that we wanted to add. I'm going to try real hard this year to keep things on a needs-only basis!! (I may have had a little trouble with that last year... oops!)
Our school is transferring to the Online Assessment this year -- which I love! I think I'm going to enjoy using a computer and doing everything digitally rather than have so much paperwork to organize manually. I want one of these to help write anecdotals and keep from having to write them and then type them in the computer:
It is going to be added to my teacher "wish list" that I have going in my head... :)
Speaking of school, I need to get busy making copies of my newsletter and send it out to the kids...
After that, I went and ate lunch at MaMa & Pop's again. Today she had roast beef with mashed potatoes, green beans, butter beans, and eggplant casserole. So yummy! I had never had eggplan casserole, and am not one for trying new foods, but she asked me to and I actually didn't think it was all that bad! Tasted sort of like squash.. The girls were sweet as usual. Mollie wasn't as fussy today which was a good thing. She didn't want me to hold her today, though -- she loves her Uncle Chris though! I can't blame her... so do I! :)
I left there and was going to go straight to Wal-Mart. I have to pass by our house on the way and when I did, I saw my honey's truck in the driveway. I, of course, had to turn around and stop to see him! Even though I had just seen him at MaMa & Pop's I had to get in at least one more sweet kiss! I can't ever get enough of that boy! (Lucy, I pray every night that you find a man to love as much as I love your daddy!)
I then left and continued on to Wal-Mart to get Lucy a play-gym for tummy time on the floor. I was pretty ecstatic that it only cost $25 because I was thinking it was going to be more like $40!! Yay for pleasant surprises! I didn't realize that the one I bought also sings... I plopped it down in the seat beside me in the car and the thing just started playing songs and singing -- I smiled and thought about how much Lucy is going to love hearing it sing when she bats at it.
I came home and worked on cleaning her toys. That was the last thing I had to do for her room. We have so many toys that came from other families/children that I wanted them to be free of germs for when she plays with them. So, I took them outside on a beach towel in the sun and sprayed them with Febreze. Hopefully that will do the trick!
Now I am resting for the rest of the afternoon. I don't have to cook dinner tonight -- Chris is having leftover pork chops! :) I love left-over nights!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 days... and counting!!!

Today, I have officially 30 days until my due date -- Lucy, this means you need to start packing your bags! :) We are getting very excited for her arrival, especially now that my sister's baby, Sallie was born this past weekend. She was 7 lbs. 15 oz. and 20 inches long -- such a tiny, precious baby! She looks just like Nathan did, just with blonder hair and it's a little more curly. Nathan was so sweet to his little sister when he first saw her. He immediately wanted to hold her and kiss her and when she would cry, he would say "It's okay, Sallie. It's okay. I'm here!" He is going to be such a caring big brother. I wish I would have had a big brother -- she is so lucky to not only have one, but have a GREAT one!

We ate lunch at MaMa & Pop's house today since they were keeping Macie & Mollie while Kacie worked today. It's always such a nice treat for me to get to go over there for lunch, not onlyh for the good food but because I get to see Chris for just a little bit -- anytime I get to see him, it makes my heart smile! I really have the best husband in the world!! Macie's getting so much more talkative and when you ask her who is in my belly she says "Moosie" -- I guess she can't say her "L's" yet? Mollie's been pretty fussy lately...she's teething pretty heavily. It's so unlike her to be fussy though -- she's usually the happiest baby on the block!

Chris & I had our 35 week appointment today. They did the strep test and asked if we had any questions, and then we were out of there. We'll find out next week if I passed or not. He also said he may start checking me for progression next week, but he may wait until the week after. It really stinks driving 45 minutes over there for such short appointments, but delivering at The Medical Center with this group of doctors is worth it!! They are all so nice and I've really enjoyed my experience with them so far (as much as you can enjoy an OB-GYN, I guess... ha!)

I've just this past week started feeling VERY pregnant. I've enjoyed this pregnancy and feel as though I've had it pretty easy, but my energy levels have dropped tremendously and I'm starting to ache all over from just any little activity. I have started having to sleep in my La-Z-Boy recliner. I sleep much longer stretches and much more soundly. Christopher very sweetly sleeps in here on his recliner with me. He said last night that he plans on doing that every night that I have to, no matter if it's every night until Lucy gets here. He says Lucy is worth all of the sacrifice and knows that I am sacrificing so much so that he's just doing his part! :) Such a sweet husband!

Thank goodness everything is ready for her so I don't have to be worrying about doing that now. Her room is complete. We've had it painted and pretty much arranged the way it's going to be for a long while now. Just recently, we've added a chest of drawers to the closet and a glider in one corner, causing us to have to do a slight rearrangement. Everything is now perfect! Last week, I washed all of her clothes and got out the Newborn & 0-3 month clothes and washed them, as well as her sheets and the sheets and comforter that is going on the bed in there. I then organized them in the closet the way I wanted them, or for now, think they should go. I also made a last minute trip to Babies R Us to get a diaper caddy for the changing table to hold the wipes and extra diapers and such and some extra parts for the breast pump. Unfortunately, the monitor we ordered from this one website was taking forever to come in -- nearly two months! -- so we cancelled the order and are having to get Memaw pick it up for us from Babies R Us and bring it to Milledgeville next time she visits.

After we left the appointment and got back in town, Chris & I headed to Flooring America to pick out some flooring for Lucy's/the guest bathroom. We couldn't decide between two colors and just picked one we thought would work the best. Now that it's in there, I can't make up my mind if I like it or not, so Cindy is coming over to help make the decision. She's so good at decorating.

I made pork chops for dinner -- such a yummy meal! Chris is cooking green beans and corn for sides (our usual). And, now I'm resting for the rest of the evening!