Saturday, May 7, 2016

It's a....

Since we found out we were pregnant, I never had a strong desire to find out the gender of Baby #3, as I already had both a girl and a boy, and the gender didn't really matter to me -- I loved having both genders equally and so either would have been perfect and I thought being Team Green and finding out at the birth would be so fun!  However, Chris had a burning desire to know and of course, Lucy wanted to know.  She told her teacher at school that she really wanted a girl, but just KNEW it was going to be a boy... I even caught her whispering to my tummy a few days prior to finding out and when I asked her what she was saying she said "I'm just telling the baby 'Please be a girl, please be a girl, please be a girl!'"  Sweet baby...

So I made an appointment to find out.  We went somewhere different than we did with Lucy & Austin, we went to First Photo in Macon, Georgia.  It wasn't as cozy feeling as Baby Dimensions, but it was just as good.  The sonographer started first trying to find the baby and all and when she said, "okay, let's see what the baby is.." Lucy was whispering "girl, girl, girl, girl..."

Well, God must have heard the desires of my first precious baby's heart, because Baby #3 is a GIRL!!

Charlotte Rebecca Giles

Lucy could not be more thrilled and talks to her and about her every day.  She's constantly thinking of her, what she will like, what her favorite color will be, finding her old baby items and wanting to save them for Charlotte.  It's really the sweetest.  While I honestly did not care one way or the other about the gender, I secretly wanted it to be a girl for Lucy.  Austin will never know one way or the other, but I didn't want Lucy to feel disappointment, and I'm so glad she gets the experience of a SISTER!

I'll post a baby update later this week (hopefully with a picture!)