Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear Baby #2 (13w5d)

Dear Baby #2,

Hi! :)

I want to first apologize for this being the first post to you.  People always said "you'll do things SO different from the first:  won't take as many pictures or keep up with info the same." And unfortunately, as much as I baulked at their comments and remarks, they were right.  But trust that it does not mean we love you any less!  Trust us, we love you a lot!  And in my defense, this pregnancy with you has been so different from the one I had with your sister.  I'll get to all that in a bit.  First I want to catch up on where we've been up until this point!

I found out I was pregnant with you two days before were to leave for Walt Disney World - how magical!!  Like with your sister, I had not been having any symptoms, but knew it was about time to test.  Since Lucy and I were on fall break from school, your daddy went to work while we continues to sleep.  When I woke up, I talked myself into taking a test (he was already gone for work), and checked Facebook while I waited the 3-5 minutes.  After I was sure it had been enough time, I went in to check, and OMG there were two very obvious lines!  I could NOT believe my dream of having a second child had come true!!  I knew this week at Disney would be magical, but not THIS magical! :) From there, I really didn't know what to do.  Your daddy was at work, and I was about to bust keeping it in.  I didn't want to tell him on the phone, so instead I just recorded a message by myself for y'all. ;) I tried to convince him to come home for lunch so I could tell him, but he couldn't, so Lucy and I met him for lunch instead.  I dressed Lucy in a "promoted to big sister" shirt and met him in the chick-fil-a parking lot.  As soon as he saw her shirt, he said "are you serious?" And I proudly got to nod my head "yes!" :) we were so excited!!!

Keeping it a secret was just as hard as it was with your sister.  We didn't wait long though!  While at Disney, we had Lucy wear the same "promoted to big sister" shirt to wear in front of my side if he family to see if they noticed.  Big Daddy saw first (after some prompting) and was elated!  Kiki noticed next, then Sara, and last was your Memaw, and they were all equally as ecstatic! :) the family standing in line behind us got a big kick out of watching them all find out.

Being pregnant kept me from being able to ride some of the rides, but that was fine -- you were worth it! :)

When we got home from Disney, we had Lucy wear the shirt one more time to CiCi and Papa's house, when they thought we were just coming to eat dinner and tell them about our trip.  Lucy wore a jacket, and when CiCi toon it off she saw it, but wasn't sure she read it right.  So, she asked Lucy to turn around so she could see her shirt better and was tickled!  Papa caught on after a bit and was just as happy! :) after dinner, we rode to Kacie and Wesley's to tell them.  As with Lucy, they were excited another cousin was being added to the family! :).  At this point, I was just about 5 1/2 weeks pregnant with you.

We had our first appointment on Nov. 12, 2013.  The 4 week wait times between appointments don't seem as long since I have your sister to keep me busy, but the wait for that first appointment seemed to take forever!  I just couldn't wait to see you on the ultrasound!

When that day finally came, we were able to not only see you, but were able to see your heart beating AND hear it!  What a treat!!  Your heartbeat was in the 150s.  Which was fantastic they were even able to hear it that early and that it was so strong!  You measured 6w4days, and we determined your due date was July 4! How fun!! :)

We eventually told other family and friends as it was brought up in conversation, and eventually announced on Facebook.

Lucy is only 2, and though very smart, she didn't totally grasp the whole baby in my belly thing, or little sister/brother concept.  As the pregnancy has progressed though, she's becoming more aware and interested.  She, on her own, will ask to play with you by tickling my belly or patting it.  She also helps you "take a nap" by covering you with her blankie and giving you her lovie.  She already loves you as much as we do, and I look forward to the special bond and relationship that the two of you will have.  It'll be so different than anyone else's relationship with you or her, one only the two of you will have and know -- :)

I haven't taken the weekly belly pictures with you like I did with her yet, because as I mentioned earlier, this pregnancy with you is very different than mine with her.  With Lucy, I would feel great all day until around 7pm and then be nauseous as all get out!  A medicine, zofran, helped calm the nausea with her and I'd feel better.  But with you... I've felt nauseous!!!  And zofran wouldn't touch it.  So I just haven't felt my greatest.  Besides, I've been very bloated, so not much to see baby-wise.  I'll start taking weekly pictures now that I'm in my second trimester and feeling much more like myself! :)

We love you so much, and can't wait to find out if you're a boy or a girl on January 18! :)