Friday, May 22, 2009

To my husband... :)

Today is the "big day." The day that I become Mrs. Christopher M. Giles. I am a little nervous, very excited, and sort of... numb feeling. It is all so surreal that I am getting to marry the man of my dreams today! To Christopher, I just want to say this:

I love you with my whole heart. You are my whole heart, and with every beat of it, I love you more. I find something new to love about you every day. You never cease to amaze me. You are so smart! I will always feel safe with you around me, and never feel as if I have to be someone I am not. I love who I have become since I met you. I've become myself -- the real me. You are creative and fun and never fail to make me smile. I laugh continuously when I am with you. Not at you. With you. :) You are my world, my heart... and you know you're my favorite everything! I love you, Christopher... husband of mine! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Counting Down the Days... :)

Okay. We have about 4 days left until our wedding day! We get asked all the time "How are you feeling?," "Are you getting nervous?," "Are you excited yet?" Well, it depends on who you ask....

My Story:

I have waited, and waited, and waited for May to get here. It got here, and I still wasn't nervous. I started Maymester in school where I had to keep an intense calendar of what is due everyday -- looking at the calendar everyday, and marking off days as they got closer... still wasn't nervous. The week before the week of my wedding, people would say "Are you getting nervous?" And I would say "Eh, not really..." Then, Enter.Newnan. I went to Newnan this weekend for my Bachelorette & last Wedding Shower -- and it HIT me like a ton of bricks, y'all! Literally pounded me! When I started seeing all of the details, and buying the last minute things, and finding my lipstick I was going to wear, and finalizing on a hairstyle, etc., etc., etc., ... it just hit me! I wasn't able to sleep at night -- I would just lie in bed. Awake. Until the wee hours of the morning when my body just finally would give out. And then I was up again bright and early to do it all over again! I have never been in such a hurry to get back to Milledgeville so that I could SLEEEEEEEEEP!!!

Oh, but it hasn't stopped here! Oh no, I think it followed me... Atleast, I was able to sleep! In fact, I got home to Milledgeville about 6:30, slept from 7-8:30, went back to sleep around 11 and slept in until 9.. I have also taken another 2 hour nap since then! Boy! Oh, boy! All day, I have thought about this wedding, made appointments to meet with vendors so they could set up, checked on the delivery of the tux's, bought the attendants gifts, etc. Atleast I am able to sleep now, though!

I absolutely cannot wait until the Big Day! I know it is going to just be absolutely beautiful and I am eternally grateful to the many hands and opinions, and bank accounts that have gone into making this wedding possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you -- from the bottom of our hearts! :)

His Story:

I ask him "Are you getting nervous?" He says "I'm nervous that I'm not nervous." Typical.

Wish us luck! Hope to see you there! & if you are unable to make it, for whatever reason, toast us, pray for us, think of us, and share a little smile at 5:00 Saturday - for that's when the magic begins! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am going to marry a college graduate! :)

The month of May held two very big days for us. The first one was Christopher's graduation from Georgia College & State University (Bachelors in Business Marketing) and the second being the day we become Mr. & Mrs. Giles! :)
Today, was that first "big day" for us. Christopher jokes that people would come up to him and say "Are you ready for the big day?" and he would reply "Yeah, May 9th!" when really they were referring to our wedding day!

Since graduation started at 9 a.m. the graduates had to get there at 7:45 this morning! That put us setting our alarms for 6:30 this morning! Yikes! That's early for a Saturday! So, I put on my p.j.'s and hopped in the bed! Christopher stayed up a little while longer, but just as I was asleep good he wakes me up... "Becca! I can't find my cap, stole (sp?), or tassle! You've gotta help me!" We looked everywhere! His gown was hanging up in the closet...and we eventually found the rest of his ensemble crammed in a dresser drawer! Phew!

6:30 a.m. came bright and early -- we got there, and I found seats to save for me, his mama & daddy, and his sister, Kacie. We didn't sit long before us girls needed to find the little lady's room... As we were walking back, we noticed how wonderful the shade with light breeze felt under the trees in the back, rather than in the hot sun where we were sitting! We stayed back there as long as we could, and eventually moved back to our seats. After a while, Kacie & I decided we would go see if we could get a closer view. We walked all the way around and found the perfect spot! We could get great pictures from where we were! So we called his mama & daddy and they came and found us too! It was wonderful, because Chris knew exactly where we were and where we would be when it was all over with! Chris graduated among 1,050 other students... you can imagine how hectic it was trying to find your families!

After it was over, we took the pictures and said our congrats and decided it was best that we didn't go to lunch somewhere, because everywhere was probably crowded! And so here we are... he's waiting on some friends to come over and I'm on my way to McDonough to see my best friend Katie Sprinkle get married! I absolutely cannot wait! :)

Much Love,