Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Months Old!!

Little Miss Lucy, today you are TEN months old!!

I know I say it every month... but, I can NOT believe that you are already ten months old -- where has the time gone?

I feel like time is like sand just slipping through my fingers but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy each and every day with you!   I find myself at work just watching the clock waiting for 3:15 so that I can leave and get home with you.  I'm constantly showing someone your picture, talking about you, and finding myself being reminded of you by little things throughout the day. :)  You're my heart, little girl!

This month Miss Lucy...

You are about 17 lbs and about 27 inches long (just an estimate, we don't have the official weigh-ins from the doctor)

You are still wearing size 3 diapers and are mostly in 9-12 month clothes.  You don't have any shorts that you can wear.  I bought you the smallest size they had at the store, and they slipped right off your hips -- poor thing has your daddy's hips and your mama's hiney! 

Just this month have you started wanting to get really mobile!  You will cruise along the side of the couch, the bookshelf at school, around your play table, etc. like a champ!  You will even get to the edge of the couch, turn and reach for one of us and step out to us (of course while we're holding your hands!).  You are also really wanting to crawl, but you only get as far as your knees before you start to rock forward and face plant into the carpet.  It's so much fun watching you learn that you can move!

You are still eating Stage 2 foods and you're really making me sweat that you're not eating finger foods yet.  I'm worried that if you don't start soon, you won't be able to eat your smash cake at your 1st Birthday party!    We practice all the time and I think you may be starting to figure it out!

You are going to bed around 8:30 at night now.  For about the first six months of your life you were going to bed around 6:30, then slowly you started staying up until about 7:30.  Just in the last couple of weeks have you started staying up until 8:30.  It's so much fun to have that much more time with you!  

You are so interested in looking at pictures of yourself and the people you love most!  You have (finally!) figured out how to walk around a bit in your walker in the kitchen.  You can't go directly towards your destination -- but you end up there eventually!  That destination is usually the refrigerator, because it holds lots of pictures that you love to get your hands on!  Your favorite has been the picture of me holding you outside at your baptism -- so sweet!  We also have lots of pictures of you and our family up in our living room.  You've always loved looking at them, but just in the last week have you begun to recognize that they're you.  We have several above our fireplace on one side of the room and one of us holding your hands by the front door on the other side of the room.  We'll put you in the middle and ask "Where's Lucy?" and you'll look towards one of the pictures.  We'll then ask "Where else is Lucy?" and you'll turn and look at the other picture(s) on the other side of the room.  It's so smart!  You've also started pointing at the pictures the last couple of days too.  Your pointing is really cute because you stick out your pointer finger and your thumb like a gun -- just precious!

Your favorite thing to do, I believe, is read books at night.  We read the same three books every night and every night we read them the same way and do the same interactive motions with them, and your smart self has really started to pick up on them.  For instance, when we read You Are My Sunshine, you kiss the little boy goodnight at the end, and when we read A Cuddle for Little Duck you can point to the frog that jumps out and surprises Little Duck, and you start to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, when he's trying to make his friends giggle, and during Goodnight Moon, you eat the mush, pet the kittens, and close the book when we're finished reading!  You are so very smart, Lucy!

You get your helmet off in just over two weeks from now -- Yay!

We put our house on the market trying to look for something a little bigger.  If we want you to have a baby brother or sister one day, we're going to need more room for y'all to play!  It'll be bittersweet if it sells, knowing that we're leaving behind the home that your Daddy proposed to me in, the house that we brought you home to, and the only place you know as "home."  But it'll be sweet to make memories with you in a new house! :)

Your Daddy is your special friend -- when he comes home from work, you want nothing more than to just play with him for the rest of the night!  You think he is so funny, laughing at everything he does, are mesmerized when he does somersaults on the carpet, love when he lets you ride on his shoulders so you can play with his hair, and are thrilled when he tosses you in the air.  The way you look at him is just magical -- it is so special to see your eyes light up when you see your Daddy.  He's taught you how to reach forward and fall for someone to catch you when you want to get off the couch and almost never lets you fall when you're standing along the couch or your play table.  I hope the two of you will always have a special relationship.

We love watching you grow, sweet Lucy.  I can not believe that in just two short months, I'll be writing your One Year post!  Thank you for being your sweet, precious self!  We love you!! <3