Friday, July 29, 2011

Making a list, & checking it twice...

We had a sweet surprise yesterday...
Aunt Kiki came to visit!!!
She had mentioned right around the time Lucy was born (maybe before, maybe right after?) that she wanted to come spend a couple of days after Mom spent her time with us. But, with her senior year about to start, having babysitting responsiblities and trying to squeeze out the last ounces of summer fun before her Senior year, her schedule hasn't quite had space to pencil us in. :) That's okay, we understand!
Surprisingly, though, on Wednesday I texted her and asked her when she was going to try and make the trip to visit and she immediately replied back with "I'm coming tomorrow!" ... and though I thought she would only come for the day, our sweet Aunt Kiki had planned to spend Thursday night with us! She is such a fun person and is so great with babies. At one point last night, I looked over and Kiki was slightly bouncing Lucy as she was holding her in her arms and Lucy had the sweetest grin on her face! She even generously offered to spend the night in our room so that Chris could get a good night's sleep (hey, what about the Mama's good night of sleep?) He sweetly declined because he didn't want to leave his girls. Sweet Daddy! :)
Last night our sweet friends, Dena & Phillip Stancil and their little girl Caylin brought us Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. It was such a sweet gesture for them to offer to bring us supper one night. We've only hung out with them a couple of times, but really enjoy their company! And their little girl Caylin is so beautiful with such a bright personality! :) Although she is 8 months older than Lucy, I hope she and Caylin will be good friends one day.
Kiki left this morning, but that's okay -- we'll see her again this weekend as we plan to head to Newnan so that Miss Lucy can meet her Newnan family & friends! :) We've already started packing some last night and are surprised at just what all has to be packed for such a tiny person - haha! If she were any bigger, I think she could easily fill up 2 or 3 suitcases for our 2 night stay! :)
She's also having her Newborn pictures taken this weekend with Danielle Avery of Ladybug Mugs Photography. Danielle is a friend of mine from high school and also photographed our maternity pictures from when we were pregnant with Lucy -- she did such an an amazing job with those, I can't wait to see what she comes up with for these!
Today, we plan on hanging around the house. Daddy will come home in about 30 minutes for lunch and spend his lunch hour holding one of his best girls ;) and then later this afternoon, his sister Kacie and her girls will come out to visit and play!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!

Our sweet girl had her one week birthday this week! Where has the time gone? As of today she is 9 days old and we fall in love with her more and more every day!!! It is so much fun figuring each other out. We love learning what she likes and dislikes and she loves focusing on our facial features.
At one week old, Miss Lucy, you:
  • Weigh 6 lbs. 11 oz. and are 19 inches long
  • sleep most nights in 2 1/2 -- 3 hours stretches
  • LOVE to sleep on your side
  • will have 2-3 wakeful periods during the day where you are alert and looking around for up to 30 minutes at a time. (Your daddy & I LOVE this time with you and probably look silly so close to your face.)
  • love looking around and following our voices
  • don't mind having your diaper or clothes changed (as long as it's done quickly!)
  • look just like your Mama! :) I'm so proud!

Here is your most recent photo this week:

We love our girl!

Happy Birthday, Lucy Pearl Giles! :)

She's here!!!

...and we could not be more in love with such a tiny little person! She is beautiful both inside and out and is such an easy baby! We, of course, are still adjusting to life with a newborn, but compared to what other newborns I've known... she's a breeze! She absolutely makes our lives complete and of course, we're elated that we can consider ourselves a real "family" with three of us now! I typed up these details of her birth a few days after she was born, in hopes that I wouldn't forget anything. I'm so glad I'll have it for memories...

Lucy’s birth story actually started at week 36 when we found out she was turned sideways. We were told to wait a week, and if she had not turned by our week 37 appointment, we would make a decision between performing a c-section or inducing labor during week 38. Well, as God had planned, she had not turned at our 37 week appointment, and Chris & I decided to plan for a c-section. We were able to choose between the dates of July 18, 19, & 20. With me being so uncomfortable from her lying so awkwardly in my belly, we chose the earliest date – July 18, 2011.
We were originally told it would take place around 12 noon. We so eagerly told our family & friends so that they could plan to be there for or right after the birth to visit her! This was on Tuesday of week 37, and on Friday (38 weeks, 1 day) we went to the Medical Center of Central Georgia for pre-op preparations. We filled out a bunch of paperwork, I peed in a cup, they took some blood, and we were told our surgery had been bumped up to 9:30 because of some cancellations. We again eagerly called our family & friends to alert them of the change so that they could plan to be there even earlier – especially those coming from out of town, like my parents & sister.
Chris & I spent Sunday thinking all day “this will be the last time I’ll do _(fill in random activity – wash dishes, go to the movies, eat supper, etc.)__ without a baby in the house.” I couldn’t have anything to eat past midnight Sunday night, so I ate and ate and ate up until 12 just so that I wouldn’t be hungry the next day. We went to bed a little after 12. I woke up around 4:30 to use the restroom and though still sleepy, couldn’t go back to bed because my mind was just running with thoughts of what was going to happen the next day, how things were going to go, did we have everything we needed packed & ready to go, etc. Chris slept all the way up until our alarm at 5:45 a.m.
I was given some certain soap I was told to bathe in the evening before and morning of the surgery, so we got me all bathed and dressed and we headed out the door to meet our little girl! We arrived at the hospital around 7:30 hoping to see our families before we headed back for monitoring. We had to start surgery preparation around 8:00 and our families showed up around 7:50 – talk about cutting it close! My mom, dad, & little sister, Christy all got there first and we all just hugged and took pictures – talk about excitement! Then, Chris’s mom & dad showed up and they had brought me some flowers – so sweet! Chris & I headed on back, got dressed in my surgical gown and waited for the surgery preparation…
….and we waited, and we waited, and we waited. They finally put a couple of belt monitors around my belly – one monitored me and one monitored Lucy. They also had a monitor on my right index finger that monitored my oxygen and had an IV of fluid going in my left hand. We waited for what seemed like an eternity. I could only have one person back there with me at a time, so Chris sweetly rotated out with each one of our family members so that they could all have a turn to see me and I could try to keep from getting bored. I was told that I couldn’t wear makeup or nail polish for the surgery, but Christy sweetly snuck me some mascara to wear so that at least my eyes could be pretty for pictures.
Eventually we were told that our surgery had been bumped back to 11:00 due to some emergency c-sections that came up. This was fine with me, I wasn’t in labor and wasn’t in any pain & my baby was just hanging out waiting to be born; if there was someone else’s baby who needed to get here before mine in order to be born safely, then I was more than happy to let them go ahead of me – I would want them to be as equally understanding if it was the other way around. Besides, what good could really come from me pitching a fit about it? It’s not like I can perform the surgery by myself… At one point, we were given a glimmer of hope that our surgery would be around 10:30; but that hope only lasted for a split second as, one more time, we were bumped to 11:30.
Finally, it was our turn. The nurses came in, had me drink some tart drink to stabilize my stomach acids, and rolled me back to OR Room #1. Chris wasn’t allowed back yet, so he stayed back and got changed into his surgical attire. I sat on the operating table just looking over at the table that held all of the sterile tools that would be used to perform this surgery. They didn’t look comforting. My attention as soon refocused to the two anesthesiologists putting in my epidural. They described in detail what to do and what was happening as they did it, and it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be; in fact, I didn’t think it hurt nearly as bad as the IV that was put in my hand earlier. It took no time before my legs were feeling warm, then heavy, and eventually not at all. It was such a strange sensation to see my legs being moved but having absolutely no feeling in them whatsoever!
Next thing I knew, they were throwing up the drape, and starting to cut me open when Chris walked in. I was so happy to have him there. He told me all about what he was wearing and how he split the boot covers because his feet were so big; he also told me about what he talked about with our families in the waiting room while he was letting different family members take turns coming back to visit me. I felt lots of tugging and pulling but literally, no pain. I could see the reflection of what was happening during the surgery in the lens of the surgical lights that were overhead. I didn’t particularly want to watch, but kept an eye on it just in case I would get to see her be born – that I wanted to see! Chris was talking about teaching my little sister how to play Angry Birds when all of a sudden I saw Lucy’s little foot pop out of my belly! I said “I see her foot!” and anxiously watched the rest of my little girl come into this world! Dr. Slocumb held her up over the drape for us to see and we thought she was the most beautiful baby to ever enter this world!
Chris went with her to get all cleaned up and I, of course, had to finish getting all stitched up. The anesthesiologist, Rad, could tell I was getting a little anxious with Chris being gone and began asking me what kind of music I liked listening to. I thought this was strange conversation but replied with “Country.” He then asked me to name an artist I particularly liked listening to and I said “Carrie Underwood.” Before I knew it, he had found Carrie Underwood songs on Pandora Radio on his cell phone and had it laying beside my head for the remainder of the surgery. I thought this was a particularly nice gesture.
I was eventually transferred back to the recovery room while Chris was with Lucy in the nursery. It was there that I had to wait for my temperature to re-stabilize and get some feeling back in my legs from the epidural. I was in this room for an hour! They had put in a spinal epidural for the surgery and used the same port to place my morphine pump. I loved pressing the button and getting instant pain relief! I really wanted my mama back there with me, but I was only allowed to have one person past the front desk while I was in recovery, and since Chris was back there he was considered my one person, even though he was with Lucy. I would have rather had him be with her anyways, I just wanted someone with me, too.
After a while, Chris came to see me and show me pictures of our little girl. I remember asking him “Is she just perfect?” and he said “Yeah. She really is!” After about 10 minutes, they were ready to send me to post-partum. I couldn’t wait to see my little Lucy Pearl! I got to the room and they got my bed situated where it needed to be, and they asked “Can we get you anything?” and I said “Yeah… my baby!” About two to three minutes later, in came Lucy and boy was she hungry! I had decided previous to delivery that I definitely wanted to breastfeed but had not put much thought or reading into what all it involved, different latches, how it would feel, etc. They handed her to me and said “Here she is, Mama, and she’s good and hungry – are you ready to nurse?” It was such a sink-or-swim moment for me and I just put her up next to me and she latched on great and quickly from the start. In fact, the next day in the hospital the on-call pediatrician said that out of the eight other babies on the labor and delivery floor, she was the best eater they had! That made me a proud mama!
Soon after we arrived in our post-partum room and had a few minutes just the three of us, all of our family that had been sweetly waiting (for a lot longer than they had expected) came in to meet her. Mama came over and sweetly kissed me on my forehead first and said she needed to know how her baby was before she checked on my baby. Everyone was just in love with her! They all thought she looked just like me when I was a newborn – and she really does! There was a picture Memaw had brought with her to the hospital of me when I was one day old. It was really uncanny to hold that picture up next to Lucy and see just how nearly identical we are. Lucy had really great coloring and such a nicely rounded shaped head that everyone commented on.
That same day, we had one of my students from last year, Courtney Ellis and her mom Jamilyn stop by to see Lucy. Jamilyn works at the Medical Center, just on a different floor. It was really sweet for them to stop by, especially since I felt bad that my students all knew I was pregnant but wouldn’t be able to meet Lucy, I was glad at least one of them were able to!
The next was full of visitors, too as we had Christy & Korey Sutton, Alecia Martin, & Summer Leggat all stop by. Summer sweetly brought you purple flowers. I’ve been in love with the color purple for her this whole pregnancy – I think it’s such a sweet color for a little girl without being stereotypical pink. That day was also very busy with so many visits from my OB-GYN, the on-call pediatrician, the lactation consultant, the person who conducted Lucy’s hearing screening, and nurses & techs checking on both me & Lucy throughout the day and night. We were so happy with all of the polite help we received throughout our stay at the hospital. Of course, some nurses were better than others, but it was more a conflict of personalities and opinions than anything else. I was so glad to not have left with any bad stories to tell for years to come.
I was also made to get up out of bed Tuesday mid-afternoon. I had heard from lots of different people that getting up and walking a.s.a.p. would be the best thing for me after a c-section, so I was excited to get out of bed & get started on this recovery process! I also was anxious to get out of bed, at this point, I had been in the same hospital bed for over 24 hours -- my legs were ready for some exercise! My two sweet nurses came in and helped me sit up. I sat for a second on the side of the bed just letting my feet touch the floor to "get my bearings." After I felt like I was ready, I proceeded to stand up. My main nurse, Abby, had told me that my body is going to want to stand at just a 45 degree angle, but to try to stand up straight. I didn't feel the need to bend over at all -- it felt so good to be up and out of that bed! She had also told me to not look down and to focus on something straight ahead as I began to walk towards the bathroom. I tried to focus on the towel rack. I made it to the bathroom and my tech helped me take a shower. It felt so nice -- awkward, but nice!! As soon as I stepped out of the shower, though, I felt very light-headed and dizzy. It was all I could do to make it back to my bed. That was the extent of my walking for that day. Getting up and out of bed also caused me to run a low-grade temperature. Nothing major, just a combination of getting up after being bed-ridden for so long, my body trying to recover from surgery, and also from my body trying to fight off the breast milk it was trying to make. Apparently, your body sees it as a foreign substance and tries to fight it off. Hmm, interesting thought!
Wednesday was calmer in that we didn’t have any visitors and the nurses weren’t needed to come in as often any more so we had lots and lots of time to spend with our baby girl as a family of three. I was able to get out of bed and walk the halls a bit by myself -- a great improvement from the attempt the day before! Chris kept Lucy in the room by himself. She's normally great with him & loves being in his arms more than anything else in this world, but as soon as I left, I could hear her cry & it was so sweet that she stopped crying as soon as I walked back in the room. It was like she knew her Mama was gone and she missed me! Chris was getting a little bit of cabin fever and had really outdone himself taking such great care of both me and Lucy during the days and especially at night not only changing her diapers, but then walking around and singing and talking with her and really working to enhance the special bond he had already created with her while she was in my belly. She is just in love with her daddy. I didn’t really get to see her eyes open for the first couple of days, except by accident or when he would get her to me quick enough before she would shut them again, but every time he would hold her and speak to her, she would open her eyes just as wide and just stare at him. I remember while pregnant with her, that every time he would talk to her, she would move differently than she did at any other time of the day. She already has him wrapped around her sweet little finger. Mom sweetly volunteered to come give Chris a break and allow him to go home and get some things done, work out, and spend a night at home and that she would come and spend the night with Lucy and I.
He definitely took her up on her offer, but spent the entire night calling to check on “his girls” and he endearingly refers to us. He was able to work out and then come home, set up her Angel Care Monitor, put together the diaper genie, and mount the flat-screen television we had gotten for her room. He was back bright and early the next morning though to help us get ready to come home!
The pediatricians were a little concerned by her biliruben levels. They weren’t high enough to have her be put under the bili lights or the bili blankets, but they were high enough to be slightly concerned and they just wanted us to follow up the next day with our pediatrician at home here in Milledgeville, Dr. Marshall Ivey. After two follow-up appointments for heel pricks and blood drawn, by Saturday, Lucy’s biliruben levels were back to a safe level and they are no longer concerned!
Lucy really is the sweetest baby; never cries, unless she’s uncomfortable like when getting her diaper or clothes changed, or having to switch sides while breastfeeding. She is very alert, opening her bright blue eyes, big and wide, for up to 10 minutes at a time several times a day. She had lost a little bit of weight since birth, which is normal, getting as low as 6 lbs. 8 oz. but her weight is now on the way back up. Her daddy and I could not be more proud or in love with a little girl we think is the most absolutely beautiful baby to ever be born. We love her so much and cannot get enough kisses from our precious Lucy Pearl! <3

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ready or not... here she comes!

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately since all of our beautiful disasters weekend before last.
This past weekend, Mama & Daddy came to visit for what was their last until Lucy comes. We got to show off all of our (okay, okay... Chris's) hard work in Lucy's bathroom & went for a boat ride over at Chris's parents' house.
Chris skiied for his first time in 2 years, as last year, the boat was broken & we didn't get out much, if at all. He did great! I always love seeing him water ski, because his muscles look super sexy! ;) Oh, too much information? Ooops...
The boat ride was HOT -- the weather in Georgia has been incredible lately! We have had highs in the 100's with heat indexes in the 100-teens!! We were all sweating from head to toe - yuck! Mama & Daddy picked some ginormous figs off of Cindy & Smiley's fig tree & plan to make Strawberry Fig Preserves - yummy! :)
The latest news, however, is that last week when we went to the doctor, Lucy had turned sideways & Dr. Slocumb told us that if she had not turned back by our appointment this week, we would need to make the decision of whether to induce labor or have a c-section for the next week after. Well, since that appointment, Lucy has not turned. In fact, she's turned even more breech (which he says he'd rather her be breech than transverse) and has already engaged herself butt-first! Our sweet little girl must have her daddy's sense of direction -- ;)
I've also become even more uncomfortable since last week. Having to carry her sideways is hard & extremely awkward for sitting, standing, walking, bending over, etc. When he gave us the option of next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, I skipped no beat in choosing Monday -- I cannot wait any longer to meet our little Lucy!
We go in on Friday, July 15 @ 9:00 for Pre-Op. preparations. And then on Monday, July 18, 2011 around noon, our sweet little Lucy Pearl Giles will be here and our family of two will be more fulfilled as a family of three! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Come out, come out, wherever you are! :)

Miss Lucy,
I will be 37 weeks pregnant with you tomorrow. That is full-term meaning you could safely come anytime! You're sweet little self has turned yourself sideways (sometime about a week ago), and you have settled in with your head all the way on my left side, your bottom all the way on my right side and your feet are point up towards my ribs! I'm not terribly uncomfortable, in fact I almost feel more relief because you're not pushing straight out like you were, and you're not cramped feeling. However, this is not the ideal position for you to be in when you could go into labor any day. Yesterday, the doctor said it was not bad, but pretty uncommon that a baby would turn out of position (you have been head down & in position for a long time until now), and finds it very unlikely that you're going to turn back. Although you still could, if you don't by next Tuesday, your Daddy & I have to make a decision of whether to get you here the next week by scheduled C-Section or by trying to manually turn you & induce labor. After much deliberation, we've pretty much decided that if you were meant to come through the birth canal, you would. So if you're not turned we're not going to force you that way, we'll bring you into this world via C-Section... :) Am I excited about major surgery? Of course not. But, we want to do what's safest for you and for me. We're still going to do some discussion with the doctor next week, but for now that is what we're leaning towards.

Dr. Slocumb strongly advises that we not wait and go into labor naturally if you don't turn, because your cord could come first & that could be dangerous. It was strange hearing him say though that you would most definitely be coming at 39 weeks. Your Daddy & I have just been so sure that you were going to be "fashionably late" and show up as an August baby.
It is weird to think that in two weeks you will more than likely be in my arms. In two weeks, we will get to meet you! In two weeks, you're sweet little self is going to be laying in your crib. In two weeks my dreams will have come true. In two weeks, my life as I know it, will be complete.

I smile to think about this is just the first of many decisions you're ever going to make (whether to turn or not), where your Daddy & I are supportive of whatever you decide to do. :)
Your Mama

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Every dark cloud has a silver lining... :)

This past weekend was jam-packed full of holiday fun for the Fourth of July. It started with a few beautiful disasters, though.
Since deciding that the guest bathroom needed a makeover to officially be Lucy's bathroom, Chris painted it "Go Bananas" yellow and I bought a new shower curtain and accessories. We were able to get new flooring for a steal and was going to have his friend, Gerald, help him lay it down. Well, Friday evening, Gerald came to help and when the guys went to move the toilet, it snapped the water line in the wall & water went everywhere! Chris immediately flew through the living room, clearing the jump into his truck to get the water key, and was out by the road turning off the water in an instant! He's so fast! I waddled as fast as I could to get all of our beach towels and started laying them down as soon as I could trying to cover as much surface area of the bathroom floor as possible. Poor Gerald had no options other than to stand there and get soaked! He did have the smart idea of drilling holes into the wooden floor so the water could try to drain to the bottom of the house to try to avoid getting it to spread under the carpet. The water did leak some into Lucy's closet, but not much. They fixed the leak, repaired the pipe, replaced the sheetrock, but not without us having to leave the water off for over 12 hours. Wait, what?!? Having the water turned off for 12 hours means no flushing toilets -- and I'm 9 months pregnant. Seriously. It was hard, but we made it through those long 12 hours and were so relieved the next morning when Chris was able to turn it back on. We left fans blowing on the area for about 48 hours and eventually everything dried up. So although it was a disaster having a flooded bathroom and no water for over 12 hours, the beautiful part is having absolutely no damage to the floor in the bathroom, Lucy's closet, or the carpet surrounding the bathroom area. Whew!
The water line busting wasn't the only beautiful disaster that happened Friday. Friday afternoon (of course at 5:00 p.m.), I was chewing some bubble gum and watching t.v. and all of a sudden felt something hard in my mouth. I tried to bite through it thinking it was food or something but it wouldn't bite through, so I spit it out. Oh my gosh -- it was part of my tooth! Not only did this have to happen on a Friday afternoon just in time for all dentist offices to close, it had to happen on a holiday weekend when no dentists were going to be open Monday, either! Thankfully, it didn't hurt, just felt funny having a hole in the back of my mouth. Chris & I were definitely in a state of depression Friday night not knowing yet what the damage was to the bathroom floors and now thinking we were going to have to pay for a dental crown on top of that, in addition to the hospital bill for having Lucy in a couple of weeks. They say when it rains it pours and well, in our case, it flooded! Thankfully, the dentist was able to see me first thing Tuesday morning and determined it was only a filling that had come out... not my tooth! And the most beautiful part of this disaster is that he offered to fix it at NO CHARGE! Woo-hoo!
We usually spend the Fourth of July at Lake Junaluska in North Carolina with my family from New York and Mississippi and of course, Newnan. And while we had planned on doing the same this year, when it came down to it, being 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and traveling over 4 hours just didn't make sense. So, we stayed here in Milledgeville. We kicked off the weekend on Saturday with dinner over at Cindy & Smiley's (spaghetti). It was us, Kacie, Wesley, & the girls, MaMa, Grant, Megan, & of course, Cindy & Smiley! After dinner, we all drove over to where we were going to set up to watch the Milledgeville fireworks. We parked at the Georgia Power office building out on 441 to watch the fireworks that were being shot off from behind the mall. People were lined up like crazy up and down 441. You could technically see the fireworks from virtually anywhere you sat, and they were good, however NOTHING compares to laying right underneath them at Lake Junaluska. We will definitely be back up there next year! That's a promise! We had to wait a while because we wanted to get a good park, but meanwhile it was very muggy hot aand humid and this mama was not very comfortable in the bed of a truck, so Chris & I ended up leaving early from the fireworks. This ended up working out better because we missed the crowded traffic and we still got to see the fireworks as we were driving home! :)
On Sunday, Chris & I slept in until 11 o'clock! That's crazy late for us! We hung around here for a bit, and then went to Wal-Mart to buy a few needed items around the house. We ended up buying Bocce Ball, a game we've enjoyed playing on his PlayStation3 Move. We figured it would be a fun yard game to play while we were over at Cindy & Smiley's that afternoon. We had heard everyone was getting there around 3 and so about 2:30 we headed on over. We played a couple games of Bocce with his mom and then went swimming. The pool is heavenly for a woman who is 9 months pregnant! No one else ended up showing up until around 5. The plan was to all go swimming, cook-out hamburgers & hotdogs around 6, go for a boat ride, come back and shoot off yard fireworks... but, Mother Nature had different plans! When everyone else got there it immediately started raining -- hard! Wesley ended up grilling out the hamburgers & hotdogs under an umbrella! After dinner, we decided on just swimming & no boat ride, and we all enjoyed some homemade vanilla ice-cream & cupcakes (made by Kacie & Macie). After it got dark, we all went outside to shoot off fireworks for Macie. They were actually pretty decent to be yard fireworks, and we all had the best time laughing at Sunny, because everytime they would ignite, he would run over to them and knock them over -- sometimes shooting them towards the house or even at us! Yikes!
Monday, Chris had the day off. We spent the majority of the day playing games..Uno, Phase 10, Ratchet & Clank on PS3. Eventually, we got ready & went to the movies to see Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz. It was pretty funny! We both enjoyed it. One part we did NOT enjoy was the family in front of us who brought two young children with them to a rated R movie. What do some parents think these days??
So our weekend was pretty packed & full of memories. I'm glad we got to experience the Fourth in Milledgeville and that our disasters were somewhat beautiful. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

A grown woman still needs her Mama! :)

I woke up yesterday morning to a text from my Mama that said "Would you want me to come this afternoon, spend the night, and go home tomorrow morning?" I immediately smiled and replied "You could!" I love when my Mama & Daddy come to visit, and especially when they spend the night. Milledgeville is only about 2 1/2 hours from them, so a do-able day trip, but a more pleasant over-night trip. I was so excited about all the visiting we would get to do, the updates she would get to see to Lucy's abode, and being taken care of for a little bit by someone other than Chris. (Although, he does a fantastic job -- I'm sure he enjoyed the "break," too!)
I immediately started thinking of what I was going to feed her. No time (or energy) to run to the store, don't want to make her pay for a meal out, and we were just going to have left over pork chops (yes, again... but definitely for the last time). So, I popped a ham in the oven, made some pasta salad, and waited for her to arrive.
She came in with a few goodies for me & Lucy and then decided she needed a nap (that's one thing about my sweet Mama, she loves a nap!) and so she rested for a little bit while I watched some television. After she got up, we decided to run to town for a minute to see if we could find a "going-home" outfit we liked any better than the one I already had for Lucy (we didn't find one). We also stopped by Sonic for a happy-hour grape slushie! Yum! We got home around the same time Chris did, and we finished dinner while he installed a peep-hole in the front door. I was so excited that he was doing that -- I hate when I can hear someone walking on the porch and I get all nervous opening the door and it's just the UPS man dropping off a package. I wanted to feel more safe once Lucy got here, so my handy husband said he would install one for me - yay! :) It looks like it was made for our front door - just perfect! He also then pulled up the floor in Lucy's bathroom and got things ready for him & Gerald to lay the new floor down this evening.
We all ate dinner and then Mom got to experience an evening "after dinner" with the Giles family. Chris's parents came over to say hello to Mom on their way to the movies, and we all cozied up & watched several episodes of Family Guy. Mom had never really watched it before, but knew some about it, so we filled her in on some of the character's personalities, and showed her some of the funnier ones. We watched 'Stewie kills Lois Pt. 1,' 'Lois kills Stewie Pt. 2,' and 'Stew-roids.'
After that, Mama went to bed and Chris & I watched Wipe-Out and fell asleep to an episode of American Dad.
It was so funny, because during the middle of the night (about 12:30 a.m.) I woke up to the sound of a splash. I immediately thought "Oh, my water's breaking!" but knew that couldn't be right because I didn't feel anything. Then, I thought something must have knocked Delilah's water bowl over outside but knew that couldn't be right because we bring her food and water in at night... About that time, Chris was jumping out of his chair and running into the kitchen to grab paper towel. He had knocked over his glass of lemonade on the table that sits between our two recliners. Lemonade was EVERYWHERE! I swear, that boy can spill something in a minute! I (knock on wood) have not ever spilled anything in this house of major volume. He, on the other hand, has spilt drink after drink, and meal after meal. In fact, just the other day he dumped his entire bowl of freshly cooked pasta with marina sauce all over the kitchen floor. I felt so bad because I couldn't get down to help him clean it, all I could do was laugh! He's so cute... :)
I woke up this morning & my Mama was sitting beside me letting me sleep as she caught up on facebook. We then decided that I didn't need to sit in the house all day and do nothing (I don't have to cook, all of Lucy's stuff is done, no school work, etc.), so we drove over to Macon to show her where the hospital is and then over to Michael's to find Chris some stencil lettering for some signs he wants to make.
We got home about 12:30 from all of that running around and she packed up and went home. I am now in my recliner refusing to move because I drove over to Macon, shopped, and drove back today. That's a lot for me these days. Chris will come home from working out about 5:30 and he & Gerald will install the new flooring & look at mounting Lucy's t.v. in her room.
Chris also plans to play Zombies tonight with his guy friends. I guess Lucy & I will have a girl's night while he has his guy's night ;)