Friday, July 29, 2011

Making a list, & checking it twice...

We had a sweet surprise yesterday...
Aunt Kiki came to visit!!!
She had mentioned right around the time Lucy was born (maybe before, maybe right after?) that she wanted to come spend a couple of days after Mom spent her time with us. But, with her senior year about to start, having babysitting responsiblities and trying to squeeze out the last ounces of summer fun before her Senior year, her schedule hasn't quite had space to pencil us in. :) That's okay, we understand!
Surprisingly, though, on Wednesday I texted her and asked her when she was going to try and make the trip to visit and she immediately replied back with "I'm coming tomorrow!" ... and though I thought she would only come for the day, our sweet Aunt Kiki had planned to spend Thursday night with us! She is such a fun person and is so great with babies. At one point last night, I looked over and Kiki was slightly bouncing Lucy as she was holding her in her arms and Lucy had the sweetest grin on her face! She even generously offered to spend the night in our room so that Chris could get a good night's sleep (hey, what about the Mama's good night of sleep?) He sweetly declined because he didn't want to leave his girls. Sweet Daddy! :)
Last night our sweet friends, Dena & Phillip Stancil and their little girl Caylin brought us Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. It was such a sweet gesture for them to offer to bring us supper one night. We've only hung out with them a couple of times, but really enjoy their company! And their little girl Caylin is so beautiful with such a bright personality! :) Although she is 8 months older than Lucy, I hope she and Caylin will be good friends one day.
Kiki left this morning, but that's okay -- we'll see her again this weekend as we plan to head to Newnan so that Miss Lucy can meet her Newnan family & friends! :) We've already started packing some last night and are surprised at just what all has to be packed for such a tiny person - haha! If she were any bigger, I think she could easily fill up 2 or 3 suitcases for our 2 night stay! :)
She's also having her Newborn pictures taken this weekend with Danielle Avery of Ladybug Mugs Photography. Danielle is a friend of mine from high school and also photographed our maternity pictures from when we were pregnant with Lucy -- she did such an an amazing job with those, I can't wait to see what she comes up with for these!
Today, we plan on hanging around the house. Daddy will come home in about 30 minutes for lunch and spend his lunch hour holding one of his best girls ;) and then later this afternoon, his sister Kacie and her girls will come out to visit and play!

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