Friday, July 1, 2011

A grown woman still needs her Mama! :)

I woke up yesterday morning to a text from my Mama that said "Would you want me to come this afternoon, spend the night, and go home tomorrow morning?" I immediately smiled and replied "You could!" I love when my Mama & Daddy come to visit, and especially when they spend the night. Milledgeville is only about 2 1/2 hours from them, so a do-able day trip, but a more pleasant over-night trip. I was so excited about all the visiting we would get to do, the updates she would get to see to Lucy's abode, and being taken care of for a little bit by someone other than Chris. (Although, he does a fantastic job -- I'm sure he enjoyed the "break," too!)
I immediately started thinking of what I was going to feed her. No time (or energy) to run to the store, don't want to make her pay for a meal out, and we were just going to have left over pork chops (yes, again... but definitely for the last time). So, I popped a ham in the oven, made some pasta salad, and waited for her to arrive.
She came in with a few goodies for me & Lucy and then decided she needed a nap (that's one thing about my sweet Mama, she loves a nap!) and so she rested for a little bit while I watched some television. After she got up, we decided to run to town for a minute to see if we could find a "going-home" outfit we liked any better than the one I already had for Lucy (we didn't find one). We also stopped by Sonic for a happy-hour grape slushie! Yum! We got home around the same time Chris did, and we finished dinner while he installed a peep-hole in the front door. I was so excited that he was doing that -- I hate when I can hear someone walking on the porch and I get all nervous opening the door and it's just the UPS man dropping off a package. I wanted to feel more safe once Lucy got here, so my handy husband said he would install one for me - yay! :) It looks like it was made for our front door - just perfect! He also then pulled up the floor in Lucy's bathroom and got things ready for him & Gerald to lay the new floor down this evening.
We all ate dinner and then Mom got to experience an evening "after dinner" with the Giles family. Chris's parents came over to say hello to Mom on their way to the movies, and we all cozied up & watched several episodes of Family Guy. Mom had never really watched it before, but knew some about it, so we filled her in on some of the character's personalities, and showed her some of the funnier ones. We watched 'Stewie kills Lois Pt. 1,' 'Lois kills Stewie Pt. 2,' and 'Stew-roids.'
After that, Mama went to bed and Chris & I watched Wipe-Out and fell asleep to an episode of American Dad.
It was so funny, because during the middle of the night (about 12:30 a.m.) I woke up to the sound of a splash. I immediately thought "Oh, my water's breaking!" but knew that couldn't be right because I didn't feel anything. Then, I thought something must have knocked Delilah's water bowl over outside but knew that couldn't be right because we bring her food and water in at night... About that time, Chris was jumping out of his chair and running into the kitchen to grab paper towel. He had knocked over his glass of lemonade on the table that sits between our two recliners. Lemonade was EVERYWHERE! I swear, that boy can spill something in a minute! I (knock on wood) have not ever spilled anything in this house of major volume. He, on the other hand, has spilt drink after drink, and meal after meal. In fact, just the other day he dumped his entire bowl of freshly cooked pasta with marina sauce all over the kitchen floor. I felt so bad because I couldn't get down to help him clean it, all I could do was laugh! He's so cute... :)
I woke up this morning & my Mama was sitting beside me letting me sleep as she caught up on facebook. We then decided that I didn't need to sit in the house all day and do nothing (I don't have to cook, all of Lucy's stuff is done, no school work, etc.), so we drove over to Macon to show her where the hospital is and then over to Michael's to find Chris some stencil lettering for some signs he wants to make.
We got home about 12:30 from all of that running around and she packed up and went home. I am now in my recliner refusing to move because I drove over to Macon, shopped, and drove back today. That's a lot for me these days. Chris will come home from working out about 5:30 and he & Gerald will install the new flooring & look at mounting Lucy's t.v. in her room.
Chris also plans to play Zombies tonight with his guy friends. I guess Lucy & I will have a girl's night while he has his guy's night ;)

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