Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Come out, come out, wherever you are! :)

Miss Lucy,
I will be 37 weeks pregnant with you tomorrow. That is full-term meaning you could safely come anytime! You're sweet little self has turned yourself sideways (sometime about a week ago), and you have settled in with your head all the way on my left side, your bottom all the way on my right side and your feet are point up towards my ribs! I'm not terribly uncomfortable, in fact I almost feel more relief because you're not pushing straight out like you were, and you're not cramped feeling. However, this is not the ideal position for you to be in when you could go into labor any day. Yesterday, the doctor said it was not bad, but pretty uncommon that a baby would turn out of position (you have been head down & in position for a long time until now), and finds it very unlikely that you're going to turn back. Although you still could, if you don't by next Tuesday, your Daddy & I have to make a decision of whether to get you here the next week by scheduled C-Section or by trying to manually turn you & induce labor. After much deliberation, we've pretty much decided that if you were meant to come through the birth canal, you would. So if you're not turned we're not going to force you that way, we'll bring you into this world via C-Section... :) Am I excited about major surgery? Of course not. But, we want to do what's safest for you and for me. We're still going to do some discussion with the doctor next week, but for now that is what we're leaning towards.

Dr. Slocumb strongly advises that we not wait and go into labor naturally if you don't turn, because your cord could come first & that could be dangerous. It was strange hearing him say though that you would most definitely be coming at 39 weeks. Your Daddy & I have just been so sure that you were going to be "fashionably late" and show up as an August baby.
It is weird to think that in two weeks you will more than likely be in my arms. In two weeks, we will get to meet you! In two weeks, you're sweet little self is going to be laying in your crib. In two weeks my dreams will have come true. In two weeks, my life as I know it, will be complete.

I smile to think about this is just the first of many decisions you're ever going to make (whether to turn or not), where your Daddy & I are supportive of whatever you decide to do. :)
Your Mama

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