Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ready or not... here she comes!

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately since all of our beautiful disasters weekend before last.
This past weekend, Mama & Daddy came to visit for what was their last until Lucy comes. We got to show off all of our (okay, okay... Chris's) hard work in Lucy's bathroom & went for a boat ride over at Chris's parents' house.
Chris skiied for his first time in 2 years, as last year, the boat was broken & we didn't get out much, if at all. He did great! I always love seeing him water ski, because his muscles look super sexy! ;) Oh, too much information? Ooops...
The boat ride was HOT -- the weather in Georgia has been incredible lately! We have had highs in the 100's with heat indexes in the 100-teens!! We were all sweating from head to toe - yuck! Mama & Daddy picked some ginormous figs off of Cindy & Smiley's fig tree & plan to make Strawberry Fig Preserves - yummy! :)
The latest news, however, is that last week when we went to the doctor, Lucy had turned sideways & Dr. Slocumb told us that if she had not turned back by our appointment this week, we would need to make the decision of whether to induce labor or have a c-section for the next week after. Well, since that appointment, Lucy has not turned. In fact, she's turned even more breech (which he says he'd rather her be breech than transverse) and has already engaged herself butt-first! Our sweet little girl must have her daddy's sense of direction -- ;)
I've also become even more uncomfortable since last week. Having to carry her sideways is hard & extremely awkward for sitting, standing, walking, bending over, etc. When he gave us the option of next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, I skipped no beat in choosing Monday -- I cannot wait any longer to meet our little Lucy!
We go in on Friday, July 15 @ 9:00 for Pre-Op. preparations. And then on Monday, July 18, 2011 around noon, our sweet little Lucy Pearl Giles will be here and our family of two will be more fulfilled as a family of three! :)

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