Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Every dark cloud has a silver lining... :)

This past weekend was jam-packed full of holiday fun for the Fourth of July. It started with a few beautiful disasters, though.
Since deciding that the guest bathroom needed a makeover to officially be Lucy's bathroom, Chris painted it "Go Bananas" yellow and I bought a new shower curtain and accessories. We were able to get new flooring for a steal and was going to have his friend, Gerald, help him lay it down. Well, Friday evening, Gerald came to help and when the guys went to move the toilet, it snapped the water line in the wall & water went everywhere! Chris immediately flew through the living room, clearing the jump into his truck to get the water key, and was out by the road turning off the water in an instant! He's so fast! I waddled as fast as I could to get all of our beach towels and started laying them down as soon as I could trying to cover as much surface area of the bathroom floor as possible. Poor Gerald had no options other than to stand there and get soaked! He did have the smart idea of drilling holes into the wooden floor so the water could try to drain to the bottom of the house to try to avoid getting it to spread under the carpet. The water did leak some into Lucy's closet, but not much. They fixed the leak, repaired the pipe, replaced the sheetrock, but not without us having to leave the water off for over 12 hours. Wait, what?!? Having the water turned off for 12 hours means no flushing toilets -- and I'm 9 months pregnant. Seriously. It was hard, but we made it through those long 12 hours and were so relieved the next morning when Chris was able to turn it back on. We left fans blowing on the area for about 48 hours and eventually everything dried up. So although it was a disaster having a flooded bathroom and no water for over 12 hours, the beautiful part is having absolutely no damage to the floor in the bathroom, Lucy's closet, or the carpet surrounding the bathroom area. Whew!
The water line busting wasn't the only beautiful disaster that happened Friday. Friday afternoon (of course at 5:00 p.m.), I was chewing some bubble gum and watching t.v. and all of a sudden felt something hard in my mouth. I tried to bite through it thinking it was food or something but it wouldn't bite through, so I spit it out. Oh my gosh -- it was part of my tooth! Not only did this have to happen on a Friday afternoon just in time for all dentist offices to close, it had to happen on a holiday weekend when no dentists were going to be open Monday, either! Thankfully, it didn't hurt, just felt funny having a hole in the back of my mouth. Chris & I were definitely in a state of depression Friday night not knowing yet what the damage was to the bathroom floors and now thinking we were going to have to pay for a dental crown on top of that, in addition to the hospital bill for having Lucy in a couple of weeks. They say when it rains it pours and well, in our case, it flooded! Thankfully, the dentist was able to see me first thing Tuesday morning and determined it was only a filling that had come out... not my tooth! And the most beautiful part of this disaster is that he offered to fix it at NO CHARGE! Woo-hoo!
We usually spend the Fourth of July at Lake Junaluska in North Carolina with my family from New York and Mississippi and of course, Newnan. And while we had planned on doing the same this year, when it came down to it, being 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and traveling over 4 hours just didn't make sense. So, we stayed here in Milledgeville. We kicked off the weekend on Saturday with dinner over at Cindy & Smiley's (spaghetti). It was us, Kacie, Wesley, & the girls, MaMa, Grant, Megan, & of course, Cindy & Smiley! After dinner, we all drove over to where we were going to set up to watch the Milledgeville fireworks. We parked at the Georgia Power office building out on 441 to watch the fireworks that were being shot off from behind the mall. People were lined up like crazy up and down 441. You could technically see the fireworks from virtually anywhere you sat, and they were good, however NOTHING compares to laying right underneath them at Lake Junaluska. We will definitely be back up there next year! That's a promise! We had to wait a while because we wanted to get a good park, but meanwhile it was very muggy hot aand humid and this mama was not very comfortable in the bed of a truck, so Chris & I ended up leaving early from the fireworks. This ended up working out better because we missed the crowded traffic and we still got to see the fireworks as we were driving home! :)
On Sunday, Chris & I slept in until 11 o'clock! That's crazy late for us! We hung around here for a bit, and then went to Wal-Mart to buy a few needed items around the house. We ended up buying Bocce Ball, a game we've enjoyed playing on his PlayStation3 Move. We figured it would be a fun yard game to play while we were over at Cindy & Smiley's that afternoon. We had heard everyone was getting there around 3 and so about 2:30 we headed on over. We played a couple games of Bocce with his mom and then went swimming. The pool is heavenly for a woman who is 9 months pregnant! No one else ended up showing up until around 5. The plan was to all go swimming, cook-out hamburgers & hotdogs around 6, go for a boat ride, come back and shoot off yard fireworks... but, Mother Nature had different plans! When everyone else got there it immediately started raining -- hard! Wesley ended up grilling out the hamburgers & hotdogs under an umbrella! After dinner, we decided on just swimming & no boat ride, and we all enjoyed some homemade vanilla ice-cream & cupcakes (made by Kacie & Macie). After it got dark, we all went outside to shoot off fireworks for Macie. They were actually pretty decent to be yard fireworks, and we all had the best time laughing at Sunny, because everytime they would ignite, he would run over to them and knock them over -- sometimes shooting them towards the house or even at us! Yikes!
Monday, Chris had the day off. We spent the majority of the day playing games..Uno, Phase 10, Ratchet & Clank on PS3. Eventually, we got ready & went to the movies to see Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz. It was pretty funny! We both enjoyed it. One part we did NOT enjoy was the family in front of us who brought two young children with them to a rated R movie. What do some parents think these days??
So our weekend was pretty packed & full of memories. I'm glad we got to experience the Fourth in Milledgeville and that our disasters were somewhat beautiful. :)

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