Saturday, October 23, 2010

Double, double, toil & trouble!

Wow, I have so much to catch up on, I don't know where to start! Since I last blogged (which I don't remember when that was exactly...) Kacie had her second baby, Little Miss Mollie. I was a little sad that she used a name that I loved so much, but I love that little girl to pieces I am so glad it's hers! :) She looked so much like Macie when she was born, but now looks so different. It will be interesting to see how much they favor as they get older. Macie is just smitten over her and loves to give her kisses, accessorize her with silly bands, and wants to tell you all about "Mah-yee" as soon as you walk through the door! :)

I started teaching Pre-K at Learning Safari and absolutely LOVE it! I work at the best place, with the best assistant, and of course the best students! They really do make going to work so easy. My "kids" as I call them, say the darndest things and are always making me laugh (or pull out my hair... it's usually one extreme or another - ha!). Our days are busy and full of learning through play. Really, my job could not be any more fun! So far this year, we have gone on 3 field trips (and it's only October!) We first went to the local pet store to pick out class pets -- fish! We brought back 5 fish with us. Their names are Tiki, Minnie Mouse, Fish, Rainbow, and Rockstar. Yes, these were voted on. We next went to the pumpkin patch and took a trip to the Fire Department. So much fun! My mom came to visit my classroom while she was on Fall Break a few weeks ago, and she brought them several new books to add to our classroom library. They loved "Miss Julie" and especially loved hearing her read each story, as she brought each character to life with different voices. I've never had them sit so still for me when I read! This past week was our Fall Break and I missed them so much... I can't wait to go in on Monday and hear all about what they did over their break!

Speaking of Fall Break, Chris & I just got back from a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with his parents. We stayed at the very tip-top of Bluff Mountain at a cabin called "Heaven on Earth." Oh boy, it surely lived up to it's name! The view was beautiful! You could see mountains forever! We spent the majority of our first day at a hands on museum called WonderWorks where you could experience all of these weird things like laying on a bed of nails, a gravity defying bike ride, rock climbing, etc. It was so much fun! We ate dinner that night at Cracker Barrel -- a first for Chris! The next day we spent the morning at the cabin and went right after lunch to go horseback riding. My horse was the one that did not want to stay on the path. Of course! Smiley's horse was called "Okie" which was short for "Oklahoma." His horse liked to stay behind at least 1/4 of a mile the entire time so we called him "Hokie Okie." It was so funny! We left there and the guys went to play in the arcade while the girls went shopping! We later met up and ate at Johnny Carinos -- an old favorite of mine! :)

We left the Tennessee mountains for a 5 1/2 hour drive back to Milledgeville. We stayed at home just long enough to shower and then headed back out for the 2 1/2 hour drive to Newnan so that we could make it to the Perkins Family Barn Dance! It was a shindig that Connie put together and was so much fun! I hope this becomes a tradition!

Oh! And one last piece of great news... Nathan's going to be a big brother! We could not be more excited for Sara & Jason and the little bundle of joy they are adding to their family! :)