Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Austin Christopher Giles

Oh, sweet boy, where do I start?

First, perhaps with an apology for not blogging more often during my pregnancy with you or any sooner than now.

Let me begin with a recap of my pregnancy with you..

Your Daddy and I love your sister so much, we couldn't wait to try again for another blessing.  When we found out we were in fact pregnant with you, it was just a day or two before we went to Disney and we were ecstatic!!  Of course, this meant I couldn't ride any of the big rides at Disney, but you were every bit worth it!

My pregnancy with you was so different than my pregnancy with Lucy.  It was so easy with her.  Aside from a few weeks of nighttime nausea, it was every bit of expected pregnancy discomforts.  With you though... I was nauseous all day, every day until about 14 weeks.  I never actually got sick, but I had a tinge of nausea that stayed with me all day long, regardless of any medications the doctor gave me to try to help it.  And just as soon as the nausea ended, it seemed as if the heartburn/reflux/indigestion began!  And it lasted the whole pregnancy... I also had bad foot cramps and pelvic discomfort with you as, unlike your sister, knew which way the exit was, and were low and in place for a long time.  Part of the hardships with my pregnancy with you could have also been attributed to the fact that I was chasing around your 2 year old sister, that I was working a more rigorous full-time job, that it just was my second pregnancy, that you were a boy, etc.  I was also very anxious to meet you, and so I couldn't wait for the pregnancy to be over and have you in my arms!!

The day we found out you were a boy, I could not stop smiling!  I knew in my heart the whole time you were a boy, and couldn't wait for the changes having a son was going to bring to my current life of tutus and hair bows!  I was also nervous because I know (& love) the girly-girl world that your sister lives in.  I find so much enjoyment in hairbows and ruffles and glitter and pink and frills and sparkles!  How do I change tracks to rugged and sports and cars and mud? I want to be able to invest all things boy into you like I've done all things girl for your sister.

You were actually due on July 4, 2014, but we were able to schedule your c-section delivery for June 25, 2014!  I started counting down months ahead on my phone and would text your Daddy with updates.  I kept a countdown in days remaining on my desk calendar at school and looked forward to marking through the number every morning.  Towards the end of school, all teachers countdown to the end of school, and it did that too, but I was way more excited about the countdown to YOU!

After school ended, Lucy and I had about a month together before you would be here.  I loved and cherished that time with her as our only child and tried hard to prepare her to be a big sister.  She seemed to understand about being careful around my belly and why I couldn't do as much playing as I used to with her.  Oh, she loved you so much in my belly!  Every night, she would say "Can I talk to Baby Austin?" And she would lift up my shirt and get really close to my belly button and say "Hey, Baby Austin!  It's Lucy.  Come play with me!"  She'd give you her Lovie because she thought you were sleepy, and cover you with her blankie when she thought you were cold.  Then she would give you "jamurmus" (ginormous) hugs and kisses.  It really was the sweetest thing, and I just hoped she would love you on the outside as much as she did on the inside.

The day you were set to arrive, I was beyond ready!!  Surgery was not set until 12:30, so your Daddy and I didn't need to be there until 11:00.  I, of course, was not able to eat past midnight the night before, but didn't much feel like eating because I was a ball of nerves and angst!  We were a little bummed we didn't get the 7:30 surgery time slot, but this actually worked out better, because we were able to just wake up and take things slow and make sure we had everything before leaving.  There was no rushed, anxious, feelings.  Your Daddy and I dropped Lucy off at CiCi and Papa's and left for the hospital in Macon.  We checked in and immediately things got started.  They hooked me up to monitors, put in my IV, etc.  from there on, it was just a waiting game.  With Lucy, surgery kept getting pushed back, and we ended up waiting almost 4 hours, but everything was on-time for you!  What a nice change! :)

For whatever reason, I was so nervous about throwing up during surgery.  I don't know why.  I didn't with your sister, so not sure where this angst came from, but it was definitely there.  I told every nurse that stepped in my room that I didn't want to throw up, I didn't want to throw up, I didn't want to throw up.  Thankfully, I didn't!

Just like my pregnancy with you, my delivery with you was different, too!  Perhaps because Lucy was sideways, but they were literally having to push you out of my ribs so hard, I swore they were going to crack or break one of my ribs!  I just remember thinking, "but he's worth it!"  And at 1:01 pm when you were born, they held you up over the curtain and I could see how worth it you were!   They wrapped you up and let me home you immediately for about 10-15 minutes, something I was not able to do with Lucy.  My heart, in those first few moments with you, immediately grew 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 3/4 inches bigger!  Oh, how I loved you so much!!!

They had to take you away and clean you up really fast while they finished stitching me up, but we were soon reunited again in my recovery room, again, something I was unable to do with Lucy.

Those next two hours with just you and your Daddy were so sweet!  We just watched you and loved on you, and just soaked up your sweetness!

When we got back to the room, we wanted Lucy to be the first one to see you.  Your Aunt Kiki brought her back and videotaped y'all's first meeting.  It was love at first sight!  She just kissed on you and loved on you --  I could tell immediately how great she was going to be with you, and could tell y'all are going to have a lifelong friendship.  Before much longer, hey brought in your grandparents, and Pop, and my friend Kendall :). They all loved you!

You were born with a head full of dark hair that was so long it came past your ears.  Your Daddy joked that we were gonna have to set up your first haircut before we left the hospital.  In fact! You were hairy all over!  You had hair on your legs and arms -- so much testosterone!  No wonder I had such bad heartburn/reflux with you!  You were only slightly jaundiced in the face, but all of your bilirubin levels were low, so no heel pricks or lights for you!

You were born on a Wednesday afternoon and we were able to go home Friday morning.  Bringing you home and settling in as a family of four felt so weird but so right all at the same time!  You just fit right in!  Lucy loves giving you your pacifier anytime you cry, and looking at your "tiny everything". She thinks you're "so cute" and loves when you wake up and look at her!  She's given you a couple of bottles and likes to hold you.  When I asked her the other day her favorite part of being a Big Sister, she rolled up all her favorites into one and just said "Baby Austin!"

Baby boy, we love you so much and are so happy you're in our lives!  You are just precious to me, and so far, I'm LOVING being the mommy to a little boy!  I know it's only going to get more fun!  Your CiCi said the other day "I want to hold him, but y'all always look like you fit so well together, I don't want to disturb him." And we do!!  You just snuggle right into my chest and we sit like that for hours!  Oh, I soak it up, because I know now it won't be long before you're flying around our living room fighting pirates, and defending our castle from dragons! 

All my love,
Your Mama :)