Wednesday, June 20, 2012

11 Months Old

Sweetest Lucy,

You are ELEVEN months old!!

It's going by all too fast, doll baby...

This month, Miss Lucy:

You are probably still pretty steady at about 18 pounds.  We don't go back for an official doctor visit until next month, so we'll see then.

You are now in size 4 diapers -- Size 3's were fitting you just fine, except at night you kept wetting through them, so I bought you some 4's to wear at night (all Parent's Choice).  Believe it or not, you kept wetting through those, too!!  So when we ran out of the 3's, I just kept buying you the 4's to wear during the day and went and bought some Pamper's Goodnight's to wear at night -- you've only worn them once, but so far they worked! 

You are basically in size 12 month clothes -- since it's summer, you wear a lot of cute dresses (my favorite part of having a girl!).  It's a good thing to, though, because you can't fit into any shorts.  Bless your heart, you have your Daddy's hips and your Mama's hiney.  The only shorts I can find to fit you (and they're still too big!) are 0-3 months... bless it, baby!

You are insatiable these days!  It finally clicked with you about a month ago that you can eat finger foods and you're loving being able to feed yourself!  You still only have the two bottom teeth though (the one next to your bottom right looks like it wants to come in, but hasn't -- and still no top teeth!), so you eat Gerber's pasta pick-ups for lunch and dinner.  I cut them in half, to help your teeth out some, and they're pretty slimy so they can slide right down your throat if you didn't chew them up enough.  You also eat a helping of diced fruit at each meal, too.  You'll eat anything on your plate, but you do have your favorites that you always eat first.  For instance, for snack I give you Puff's and Fruit & Veggie melts.  You always eat all of your fruit & veggie melts before you eat your puff's.  Same with breakfast.  I've started giving you a slice of ham, a slice of cheese, a carton of mandarin oranges, some puffs, and some fruit and veggie melts.  You will eat all of the cheese first!  Cheese is my all-time favorite, too -- you must get that from me! 

You cruise around this house, going anywhere you want!  As long as you can safely reach from one piece of furniture to another, you will get where you want to go.  You still don't crawl, but you do a pretty impressive lean and stretch.  Then, if you still can't reach it, you must figure you didn't really want it anyways, because you just give up.

When I tell you "no," you turn around and blow your tongue at me.  I'm not sure that you're being ugly, because this is how you tell us no, like when you're done eating, or you don't want to do something (like change your clothes), you blow your tongue at us.  So, I think it's more or less you associating that I'm telling you "no" and you're associating that word with that action.  Does that make sense?

You love to play peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, & Stelly-O Johnson (with Daddy -- he holds you on his side and runs in really small steps singing this song, and it makes you bounce up and down and you just smile and laugh!).

Elmo is your favorite thing to watch on TV.  I bought you an Elmo DVD, and you watch it probably twice a day.  Your favorite is his bit with Adam Sandler.

You can stand alone by yourself for 6-7 seconds, when you want to.

You wave bye-bye when your Elmo DVD goes off, people leave, or you want to leave somewhere (you've been doing that for a while now), but you've just started actually saying "bye-bye" with it -- it's hit or miss.

You only have to wear your helmet at night now and in just 3 weeks, you'll have it off for good!!!

You are the most beautiful baby I've ever known.  I love you to my heart's greatest reaches.  You are so precious to me & your Daddy.

Your Mama