Monday, March 4, 2013

Sick Day

Lucy started coming down with a cold Friday afternoon.  I HATE when she gets colds not only because I hate to see my little angel sick, but they seem to last FOR-EH-VER (Sandlot reference, anyone?)!!  There's just nothing she can take until after she's 2 (per Dr. Ivey and Google), so my poor baby just has to suffer through it until it works its way out of her system -- usually about 2-3 weeks.  Yep, weeks.  Of course, Saturday, she developed a cough with it too.  Sunday evening, after she went to bed, she sounded like she was hacking up her lung all night.  Poor thing!  I finally went in there about 4:30 in the morning and just held her so she could sleep sitting up. 
I decided when my alarm went off (6:15) that she had not slept good and neither had I and that she probably just needed to take the day off to let her little body rest. Besides, the stomach virus is going around her room at daycare, and I don't want to chance her getting it while her immune system is still so low. So, I texted into work to let them know that she had not slept well due to her cough and that I would be staying home with her.  I predicted she would probably be very lazy and snuggly all day.  Boy, was I wrong!  She woke up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed and has not stopped all morning!!  It's been a fun day, though.  An unexpected day "just me and my girl." 
We started the morning by sharing a poptart and drinking our "coffee" (she has hot chocolate). We watched a bit of Blue's Clues, and decided to head into Wal-Mart.  But it was cold outside, so I made the grown-up decision to stop by Starbucks. :)  I got little bit a treat, too -- a birthday cake pop (yum!).  She had devoured it by the time we got to Wal-Mart.  Once there, we had so much fun shopping for things we needed, crafts we could make, and of course had to pick up a toy for the sick one! :)  She picked out a Cookie Monster toy that eats cookies.  We got home, and she looked so tired, so I asked her if she wanted to nap.  She said yes, so I put her in her crib and unloaded the car.  20 minutes later, she was still awake, had thrown all of her toys out of her crib and was saying "Mommy, 'mere!" (Mommy, come here).  I couldn't resist, so I went in and rescued that sweet baby!  We went into the kitchen and opened up her Cookie Monster toy on the floor.  She didn't care for him too much when he was out of the box and moving around asking for cookies.  She did, however, love the three little plastic pretend cookies he came with, and refuses to give them to him.  Ha! 
We then went over to the table and did a little art project.  I painted her hand 6 DIFFERENT TIMES to make a rainbow for St. Patrick's Day.  I love that I'm going to have little things like this to cherish for many, many years.  After we were finished, we got down and played in her playroom.  We've read so many books, played with so mamy toys, and even watched The Lion King (her favorite is Zazu -- the "buhd" (bird)).  Everytime Mufasa comes on the screen, she roars at the TV -- so precious!  We finally attempted lunch -- she wasn't hungry, and I laid her down for a nap.  Hopefully in a couple of hours, she will feel even better and we can play the rest of the afternoon away! :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

19 months. Where has the time gone?.

I wish I had more time in the day to write down or blog about all of the funnies that Lucy says and does.  She keeps Chris and I laughing -- daily!!!  So while I have a free moment, I'm going to just jot some random ones down..

You call yourself "Cee-Lee."  No idea where this one came from...

You love corn dogs (you eat them like an ear of corn) and Greek yogurt which you love to feed yourself.

You tell us everyday when you get home from school that you played with Noah and that y'all "cah-luhr."  I asked your teacher, Ms. Wendy if this is true and she that y'all never do, just because they try to make coloring a one-on-one activity with teacher and student.  I told your daddy you've been telling us stories.  So that night, Daddy asked you again who you played with and hat y'all did, and you gave the same answer.  He said "Lucy, you're lyin'!" And you replied "RAWR!" Because you thought he said "lion."  Too funny.

You love to try and go potty and are sometimes successful.  The other day at the eye doctor, you were poopy pants, and was dying to get it out of your pants.  We went to the bathroom to dump it (I had no clean diaper with me. Gross, I know.), and you walked out proudly, telling every nurse we passed "I potty!!" 

You're starting to put together little two-word sentences.  You'll tell us "I cold" or ask us "Where Lovie?" (a game you like to play).  Th other day I out you in a dress and you said "I pretty!"  Yes you are, sweet girl, yes you are!

In addition to talking so well, you know circle, triangle, square, heart, star, and plus sign, can recognize and name all colors, the letters r, o, t, k, e, h, and the number 2.  You can sing a lot of songs, and know the motions for most of them.