Monday, February 20, 2012

It won't be that bad...


A couple of months ago, I noticed you favoring one side of your head when you rested or were laying down. We brought it up to Dr. Ivey and we agreed to watch to make sure your head didn't flatten on one side abs if it did, we would talk about our options later. Well, it did and do he referred us to Children's Hospital in Atlanta to their Orthopedic & Prosthetic center.

We went today and they scanned your head by putting a white stocking type material over your hair. Then, they laid you in this crib-shaped machine that made a scan of your head much like a photo copier. No X-rays, it didn't hurt, and you didn't cry. The results came back and when they looked at the measurements, your measurements the ones from front to back and side to side were perfect! The ones diagonally were higher than we wanted them to be. (They wanted a measurement less than 6 and yours was 16).

So as it turns out, your going to have to wear a corrective helmet for a few months, but it'll be off by your birthday! :). Its no different than any other child having to wear braces ob their teeth, glasses on their eyes or a cast on their leg. I'm just so scared that you won't be able to lay your head on my shoulder when I rock you anymore or that its going to bug the stew out of you... :( you're my baby and I never want you to go through something that brings you frustration or displeasure. This is what is best though for you do we'll have to make the best of the situation.

I picked out a light pink one for you and plan to cut your name out in vinyl letters on my new cricut this weekend to help make it even cuter than you're already going to! :)

I love you sweet girl and I am so sorry you have to do this. Biggest kisses!


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