Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Weekend #2

It has come & gone...

Friday was great -- Christopher had me thinking I was going to have to cook dinner that night when he got home, but he surprised me with a pizza! yum! & yay that I didn't have to cook! He then spent the evening with me playing my new Playstation 3 game that he had gotten me for my birthday -- Ratchet & Clank! I finally wrapped it up around 10:00 and let him play with his brother-in-law online while I curled up on the couch to some E! News and fell asleep....

Saturday was just wonderful... pretty much more of the same as Friday, except this was to be the night of my birthday party! So, I started getting ready around 3:30, about the same time that Wesley came over to play with Christopher, and boy, did I look cute! I got over to his parent's house where they had Wesley, Kacie, & Macie, MaMa & Pop, David, Laura, Grant, & Megan, and of course Cindy & Smiley! :) Cindy had made the most delicious meal of pot roast and tenderloin, butter beans, cream corn, potatoes, carrots, rice, croissant rolls, etc. & MaMa had made me a "poke-hole" cake -- just normal cake with holes poked in it so that the icing can seep through! YUMMY! Macie was so sweet, and I got several sweet pictures with her. Kacie got me a gift card to a store I love to shop at around here, Maurices, & Cindy & Smiley and MaMa & Pop went in together to get me a one hour massage at a day spa here in Milledgeville. I am so excited!
To start today off, Mama called to tell me that our engagement announcement was in the Newnan Times Herald! Yay! Then to top it off....
Christopher & I set out to find my wedding ring. My engagement ring is difficult to fit, because it has to have a curve, due to how it curves out itself. Also, since it has the illusion of 3 bands, I felt like it needed to be one of those rings that had one on each side ;) (only because it made it look the best!) So, we went to Kay Jewelers, where I was deciding between two different enhancers. One was curved on both sides, like I originally liked, and one was open but still had diamond bands going down both sides, so that my ring could fit right down in the middle. I, of course, picked the latter one.... and it is beautiful!
So, now it is over, and another school week begins... only 4 more weeks! ... and then Maymester! Yippee!
P.S. Only 48 more days until the wedding! :)

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