Sunday, September 30, 2012

Say What??!?

Oh my goodness!  

I have spoken recently about you growing up so fast, but I didn't mean for you to take it as a challenge, sweet girl!!

Miss Lucy, you are 14 months old and I guess you just decided that this would be the month that you would break free of your baby stage.  You are talking up a storm!  You have always loved to babble in babble-like sentences and a look of distinction like you know exactly what you're talking about, but literally you're vocabulary has exploded!

You now have a vocabulary of about 15 words (& I swear you're learning a new one every day it seems!)

They are:
Noah (Noah Franklin is a little boy in your class.  You talk about him every day and call him "Wowah")

You can tell us what a dog says (well, you hassle), as well as a goldfish (lossy sounds)

You absolutely LOVE reading!  You will bring me book after book after book and
I read them to you every time!

You also decided that this fourteenth month of your life would be the month that you would try your hand (or your foot, rather) at walking! You've been taking steps here and there for a couple of weeks, but September 26, 2012 was the day you decided to really walk!  We woke up that morning and while getting you ready for daycare, you took 6 steps to your daddy.  That afternoon you took 6 more to Kim Harrison.  That evening, we went to see your MaMa and Pop and you took off!  You took several 10-12 step sets back and forth between your dady and I.  You were so excited about your accomplishment, you started trying to run, and would only make it one or two steps before you would fall down laughing!  

You also just got brave enough to climb up and slide down your plastic treehouse climber your daddy and I bought you.  You will sit up there, wait for someone to count and slide down -- then you'll just clap in excitement and pride!

We are so very, VERY proud of you sweet girl!

We love you so much!


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