Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Today is Memorial Day AND the 1st day of summer vacation!! :)

I am SO excited to spend this summer with Lucy.  Last summer, we were so busy looking for houses, getting ours ready to sell, selling the house, buying our new house, packing our stuff, moving into Cindy & Smiley's, and then into the new house, planning Lucy's 1st birthday party, hosting Lucy's 1st birthday party, and fitting in summer trips that we didn't have much time to just PLAY!!  Besides, Lucy had her helmet, and well... it was just too hot.

This summer though... It's just me and my girl!!  Even though I do have to spend some of my break time going up to the school to move me into my new classroom, most of my days will be spent soaking up the summer sun outside our new house!

Lucy is so cute these days -- every day she is talking more.  I feel like I've said that same thing the last several posts, but it's true.  She's not just repeating us, but talking TO us and it's fantastic!  In fact, just earlier today, I stepped on a nail that was sticking slightly out of the back deck.  I said "Ow!" and kind of hopped a little bit.  She ran straight to me and said "Mama, you foot hurt?" It was the sweetest.  Just a couple of nights ago, we came in from a late night of being outside, and I couldn't remember where I had set my phone down before I started rocking her.  I called out to Chris "Can you find my phone? I think it's in Lucy's room -- or maybe our room."  About four songs in to being rocked, you sat up and said "Where phone, Mommy?" and I said "I don't know." You then asked "Daddy find it?" So I had to ask Chris if he found it, to which he said he did, before you would lay back down -- it was really the sweetest that you tuned into our conversation and cared enough to ask about it for me.  Chris is also building my some bookshelves for my room, we were out in the garage late the other night working on them, and she kept picking up tools, screws, nails, etc. bringing them to us and saying "I helps! Okay!"

Lucy's absolute favorite t.b. (tv) show right now is Blues Clues -- in fact, that's what her birthday party theme is going to be.  It's been off the air for quite some time and so it's been a fun challenge to find items to help decorate the party with.

Lucy asks to sing the "Apple Song" every night after we say her prayers..  She LOVES that song!
Oh, I like red -- it's the color of an apple.
Orange -- it's the color of an orange.
Yellow -- it's the color of our beautiful sun, sun, sun!
Green -- it's the color of the trees & lots of things that grow
We've got blue for the skies
and Purple is a color that's fun, fun, fun!
And when you put those colors side by side, now what do you think we've done?
We've made a rainbow!  And it's a really beautiful one!

Then we sing our nightly routine of songs -- Stay Awake, La La Lu, I love you Lucy Pearl, I love you Little Girl, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes.

During one of the "I love you little girl" song, it names different parts of the body I love on you -- "I love your hair, I love your toes, and I love the way you wrinkle your nose." As I sing them, you point to them on yourself.  Then it says "I love your personality" to which you think I'm saying "teeth" and chomp your teeth together, and then "I love that you were born a she." A lot of times, you like to sing with me and the other night at that part, you sang it with me and said "I love that you were born a SHEEP!"  It was so funny I couldn't keep singing for laughing so hard!

Then the next night, we were singing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and you were singing with me and we got to the part that says "Have faith in your dreams and someday" -- well, apparently you thought we sang "Sunday" because you kept going with "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday..." it was again, so funny I had to stop singing and just laugh!

When I laugh at the funny things you do, you'll laugh with me and say "I funny!"

You love playing chase around the house and when we come around a corner you're not expecting us, you'll jump back and laugh and then say "You scared me!"

You adore your new kitty, "Meow" and she adores you, too.  You are so rough with her -- not because you mean to be, but because you don't know.  She just lets you.  You pick her up, upside down, and walk around with her.  Toss her into your car -- to which she immediately jumps out of and you turn around so frustrated and say "MERE CAT!!!" She lets you dump water on her from your new water table, and follows you wherever you go. :)

You are only 22 months old, but you can count to ten (and do it often!), sing your ABCs, recognize every letter of the alphabet, know all of your shapes, all sorts of sounds that animals make, know all of your colors, and have very nice manners -- we couldn't be more proud of you, Cee-Lee! :)

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