Monday, July 22, 2013

With a hahaha and a heeheehee and a couple of la-di-da's!

Oh my goodness!  Lucy keeps me laughing all day long!  Before I forget them here are her latest funnies from today:

When she woke up this morning she said "baaaaa" and I said "oh, you're a sheep!" And she said "uh-huh!" And then she said "meow" and I said "oh, now you're a cat!" And she said "nope!" I looked confused and said "well, what other animal says meow?" And she said "a kitty!"

When Meow was playing with her on the back deck by pawing at her feet she turned around and said "Stop it, Meow! You're buggin' me!"  (It's not uncommon for you to boss Meow around simply because you can.  She can just be sitting in the bench and you'll turn to her, point your finger at her, and say "hush, meow!"

The other night I was trying to get you to settle down for bed and instead you asked for gummies.  When I said no, you promptly turned to me, held up your finger and said "I'll be right back!" Ran down the hall and said "Daddy, gummies please!"  This was the first time you really played us against each other.

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