Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucy!! :)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucy!!

I can NOT believe you are THREE!!!

At three years old, you::

Are 31 lbs. and 38 inches tall!

Love to dance!  It is not uncommon for you to just tell me "I need music!" I turn some on my phone and you will twirl around the room throwing your hands in the air and wiggling your fingers.  You took ballet this last year through the Vibe at Learning Safari, but will take both ballet and tap this next year in studio.  This summer, you completes two of their dance camps.  One was "beach" theme and involved ballet and tap, the other was "camp swagger" and involved hip-hop dance.  You're definitely more into ballet and tap! :)

Love to sing and are actually really good at it!  You can carry a tune well, and love playing instruments -- any kind!  You love your little piano and your guitar. You'll carry it around for hours and actually hold it like you know what you're doing.

Know all of your letters (upper and lowercase) and the sounds that they make.  You're even beginning to blend sounds to make words.  Thanks to some apps on the ipad, you know a lot of the -at and -an word families.  You can also recognize your name and do an okay job of writing it (pretty much only legible to me, but that's ok!)

Can count to 30 (but usually skip 15?)

Love to look for deer when we are out riding the golf cart

Love to swim in the pool (with puddle jumpers floatie) and are even braving jumping off the sides/steps in the deep end.  You are terrified of the diving board, though! 

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