Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ready or not... Here we come!

So, let me start off by saying I am VERY excited to become a blogger! My sister, Sara, has been a blogger for some time now, and I have been a very avid reader of her blog, mostly because she updates on my nephew, Nathan (whom I will from now on refer to as Nutter-Butter :) )

Speaking of my Nutter-Butter... he has gotten so BIG! I hear he is a whopping 18 pounds and is only 6 months old, people! I cannot wait to see him this weekend when Christopher & I go home!

"Who's Christopher," you say? Oh, well he's this fella I fell completely in love with and am engaged to be married to May 23, 2009 (Wow, that's soon... might want to start on that planning... just kidding!) And since my blog is so properly titled "thisisourfairytale," let me tell you about our fairy tale... (Note: If you know this story and want to skip ahead, please feel free. If you are not familiar with our story, please stay tuned... its a pretty cute story!)

My maternal grandfather is a Methodist minister and traveled every so often to minister at different churches. Back in the 70's, he was assigned to First United Methodist Church in Milledgeville, Georgia. My mom was in middle school and just so happened to go to school with Christopher's mother, Cindy. My grandfather then I got re-assigned and eventually ended up in Newnan, Georgia where my mother met my father, fell in love, and got married. They soon after decided to move to Milledgeville to go to school at Georgia College & State University. It was here that they became close friends with Christopher's parents who had also just recently gotten married. They double dated all the time -- went out to eat, went out dancing, played cards, etc. My parents moved back to Newnan, and lost touch with his parents with no communication for over 25 years except for the occasional Christmas card and photo.

In the Summer of 2006, my grandfather got invited back to the FUMC in Milledgeville to preach for their 200th anniversary. Since their family had such wonderful memories of Milledgeville, he wanted the entire family to go and re-live their fun times, visit their old house, the old church, etc. So, my mom says to me "Becca, I would love to see Cindy & Smiley again, but have no idea how to get in touch with them. I know they have a son around your age because of the Christmas card photos... could you try to find him on facebook?" So that's exactly what I did. And boy, did I find him!

I took one look at the boy and my heart fluttered. My good friend, Katie Sprinkle was with me, and I told her just how good looking I thought he was. I, reluctantly, ended up shooting him a message asking him if he was Cindy & Smiley's son, and asked if they were going to be in town that weekend... unfortunately they weren't because they were on vacation, but we didn't stop the conversation -- we just couldn't stop messaging each other with innocent email flirting. I then, courageously, invited him to Newnan to spend a weekend with me, he turned me down, but invited me to Milledgeville to spend a weekend with him instead. For some reason, my heart said to go ... and so I went. This could have been the best decision of my life.

I knew from that first weekend that I was completely in love with this boy and that we were in fact going to have something pretty darn special. We spent every weekend with each other alternating between Newnan and Milledgeville. Within the next couple of weekends, I knew we were going to be together the rest of our lives.

Christopher completely wooed me. I'm talking DOZENS of roses every weekend, teddy bears, secret planned dates, candles, just anything romantic you can name, he did.... it was perfect!

Other than just being completely head over heels for this man, fate had me dealt in. Y'all, no kidding... he is partially named after MY dad, shares a birthday with my little sister, our grandparents were friends, our parents were friends, our aunts were BEST friends, my uncle took his aunt to prom, his great-great grandfather tried to "pin" my great-aunt (fortunately, she turned him down!), and our sisters both had babies within 10 days of eachother... Coincidence? I think not!

So now, here we are. I moved to Milledgeville to be closer to him (that long distance thing was just too much!) and to go to school in Macon, Georgia and we live together in a quaint little house with a sweet little cat, Delilah and our lives could not be happier.

We look forward to telling you all about our fairy tale as we approach our wedding date in May and all about married life for the Giles :) So, ready or not... here we come!

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  1. This just made me cry! I love you and am so happy for you!! :)