Monday, March 22, 2010

Boys vs. Girls

Tonight my husband and I sit separated in two different rooms in the house. Because Monday night t.v. consumes us. However, we are both interested in VERY different genres of television entertainment.

Here is what I'm watching on t.v.:

I haven't watched this show a lot in the past, but I do love to watch the beautiful dances & am in love with the sassy-frass outfits! I try to imagine how difficult it must be for the "stars" to learn to dance like that -- I know how much dancing talent I have (which is none!) and as I'm watching them, I'm envisioning myself trippin' & flippin' all over the dance floor! I particularly am interested in this season though because of who's on it! Here's my recap so far..

  • Chad Ochocinco: Pretty graceful for a football player! And very charming... :)
  • Shannen Doherty: Never have really cared for her characters or in real life...

  • Jake Pavelka: Apparently he wooed a lot of girls hearts on the Bachelor, we'll see how many American hearts he can woo on this show!
  • Buzz Aldrin: So precious! Can't dance at all, but he is so cute! How brave of an American hero!

  • Evan Lysacek: His figure skating skills definitely help him, but he's got some work to do.

  • Nicole Scherzinger: Absolutely the best by far! Of course, being a singer/performer does help a little bit!

  • Kate Gosselin: Loved her on 'Jon & Kate plus 8'... how could you not love her on Dancing with the Stars?! Oh, and I love her hair extensions!

  • Niecy Nash: This girl is funny! And a pretty funny lookin' dancer, I'm afraid...

  • Aiden Turner: Who??
  • Pamela Anderson: This girl can work anything she sets her mind to!

  • Erin Andrews: LOVE her and her sassy little self! She can really dance for a sports news person!
... Meanwhile, my husband is in "his" room watching this:

There's an obvious difference in preferance of t.v. shows tonight at the Giles house. Atleast I won the "battle" of the big t.v.!

... We'll call a truce tonight when we get to snuggle together!

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