Friday, March 5, 2010

A little "ketchup" please! :)

Let me start off my saying that if you are a follower from Kelly's Korner -- thanks for reading! I don't blog as often as I would like, but I don't feel like I have a whole lot to blog about day-to-day. I have tried to start blogging more about once a week so that atleast my posts will have some "meat" to them when I do sit down to write! :) I look forward to reading your blogs, too! So, welcome!

Today, I do not have a whole lot to post about. But I do have a little "ketchup" to do! (*Since I am going to be a teacher, I am always looking for new ideas, strategies, and suggestions for keeping kids on task, keeping organized, etc. One day I found the idea to give each student a "ketchup" folder with a picture of a bottle of ketchup on the front and this is where they will put work that they aren't finished with yet so that they can "catch up" on it later when they have time. Cute huh?*)

I finished up my student teaching at Creekside (tear!) almost 2 weeks ago. It was a bittersweet moment, because as sad as I was about leaving a place I'd spent a vast majority of my senior year at, and students & faculty I had grown attached to, it was a fun feeling to know that the next time I would be teaching, it would be in my own classroom! Yay!

After that, Macon State gave us the next week off. I thoroughly enjoyed my "no thinking" week. I caught up on all of my DVR'd shows, cleaned house, and pampered myself -- no doubt! It was a great week off! This week was almost just as good as I only had class one day and then started Spring Break! Yeah! My spring break will be spent doing some volunteer work at Creekside & putting in more applications (I mean, if we want to have a baby next year -- I gotta have a job!) I will also be going to Newnan to spend some much needed time with my family. :)

This week was my dad's birthday, and Chris & I were able to go to Newnan to celebrate with him during the week. Unfortunately, it was because we also had to attend a funeral. But it was a nice and unexpected treat!

I also got our wedding scrapbook I had created through Creative Memories Storybook Creator in the mail. I LOVE IT! I am just thrilled with it because as bummed as I was about our wedding pictures & our stupid photographer, I was able to make the pictures beautiful and give them the glory they deserved! Here are a few pictures of the pages...

I also created a book for my sister which should be in sometime next week! It is of Nathan's first year from pregnancy to 1st birthday. It is so cute & I will post pictures of it when it comes in!
This Saturday is a job fair that I will be attending. I have heard they will be doing on-site interviews, so I'm hoping this goes well for me! Cross your fingers -- I'm pretty excited. Also, that afternoon, my parents are coming to visit!
Chris & I have started the 40 day Love Dare challenge. Have any of you tried this yet with your spouses? It is so much fun and so revealing of your relationship, yet brings you in even more closer than you thought you could be. Chris & I have a great relationship, don't get me wrong, but it is just something to make what we currently have stronger. I love it & we both look forward to reading it each night to see what our dare for the next day is! :) We are only on Day 6, but I find myself carrying on dares from the first couple of days into situations that happen now. Such as trying to be more patient, not get so irritable, and show little random acts of kindness!

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