Monday, October 24, 2011

3 Months Old!

Lucy, today you are THREE MONTHS OLD!!!

... and lucky you gets to spend this birthday at the beach!   
At three months, Lucy:

You weigh 12 lbs. 6 oz. and are 23 inches long!

You wear size 1 diapers and are in 0-3 month clothes (and are starting to wear 3-6 months, too!)

You had the week off from daycare this week because my Pre-K had Fall Break all week!  Yay!  So, we all went to the beach with your CiCi & Papa and Kacie, Wesley, Macie & Mollie.  You did so great on the way down there -- you slept most of the way until about 2 hours before we were supposed to get there, you asked for a diaper change and went back to sleep shortly after for the rest of the trip.  You really are an awesome baby -- especially in the car!  Your Daddy & I thank our lucky stars every day for such a complacent baby. 

You only spent time down on the beach two different times.  Each time, you napped on me for about 2 hours and then we went up to eat and hang out in the condo for the rest of the day.  You and I did a lot of just hanging out together in the condo -- that's okay, hanging out with you is one of my favorite things to do these days.  Afterall, you're one of my two very best friends! :)

We saw a big school of dolphins the second time we were down at the beach, so your Daddy & I picked up a little stuffed animal dolphin to commemorate your first beach trip just like we got your stuffed animal moose for your first trip to the mountains.

This month you have learned to love spending time on your playgym.  You will lay there for about 30 minutes a lot of times.  At the beginning of the month, you would just look at all of the toys, and then slowly started batting at the heart-shaped rattle, then you started noticing yourself in the little mirror that is attached and then finally were able to purposely pull the little bird to make him sing.  He will sing a different song each time you pull him and sometimes your Daddy & I hear you pull him over and over again, almost like you're trying to find the song you like most.  There are a couple of other toys on there, but you don't pay much attention to them and I don't blame you -- they're boring.

You are on a little schedule.  Not so much time-wise, but procedure-wise.  We practice the E.A.S.Y. method -- you EAT (4 oz.), ACTIVITY (usually your play gym for 30 minutes, playing with your Daddy & I, listening to us read, or just sitting with us as we watch our shows), SLEEP (about 1 1/2 hours at a time), YOU TIME (we try to lay you down so you're not sleeping on us and we can get some "us time").

You are exclusively formula-fed now.  You use the Nuk bottles and eat Similac formula.  You like it pretty warm and we just use warm water out of the faucet (Dr. Ivey said this was fine).  You're taking a good 4 oz. about every 2-3 hours.

You are a regular jet-setter!  You went on your first big vacation (somewhere other than to Newnan) to the mountains with Memaw, Big Daddy, Sara, Jason, Nathan, Sallie, & Kiki to Ellijay, GA.  The very next weekend, we went to the beach with your Daddy's family and the weekend after that, we went back to Newnan to try for your 3 month pictures (they didn't go very well).

You have definitely become more smiley -- and your little smile lights up my world!  You smile mostly when we make a "clicking" noise with our tongues or speak in really high voices.

You can fall asleep in seconds flat to your Daddy singing his own version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."  I haven't yet figured out how you can find his singing so soothing. What I have figured out though is that he loves you with a huge chunk of his heart and you love him just as much.  It's so sweet to watch the two of you together.  You have your very own special games and songs and my heart just swells as I listen from the other room or watch from across the room to the two of you falling in love with each other.

We can't believe you're getting so big -- a whole quarter of your first year has flown by!  But with each new day, you learn something new and do something all the more sweeter than the day before and I can't wait to see what you do tomorrow.

We love you, Lucy!

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