Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mommy Moments

Lucy, this weekend was your first "big trip" -- meaning somewhere other than the two-hour drive to Newnan.  We went to Ellijay, Georgia to spend time with my family and go to the Apple Festival.  The drive took us right around 5 hours (because of traffic and a bad sense of direction).  Your sweet self stayed awake probably 90% of that time and didn't cry once!  You were so great!  We got there and Memaw, Sara, Kiki, Nathan, & Sallie were already there.  Big Daddy & Jason came later that evening.  You and your Daddy were so tired though, you both fell asleep watching Toy Story with Nathan and then continued your sleeping spell back in bed.  You drooled on him so much it soaked through his sweatshirt, tshirt and onto his skin! :) 

The Apple Festival was an arts and crafts fair that Ellijay hosts every year.  It was the first time we've ever felt like we needed a stroller to carry you in, so we got the one that matches your carseat from Kacie & Wesley.  We couldn't quite figure out how it buckled, but you were more comfortable unbuckled anyways.  We just flapped up the feet part and you were safe and sound!  You stayed awake the entire morning and only cried once you got hot (the weather was warmer than we expected and dressed you for.  You look precious in your sweater dress, though!).  It was hard weaving in and out of the heavy crowds and so we didn't stay longer than about an hour.  We got back to the cabin, fed you and left you with everybody else while your Daddy & I went downtown for some "us" time. 

We went first to a store called Main Street Antiques (your Daddy's into antiquing these days).  We found lots of things we thought were neat, but finally settled on an old theater chair and a parking meter.  We went in a couple of other stores but didn't find anything that struck us.  Except for a little stuffed animal moose that I just had to have for you to commemorate your first trip to Ellijay (hopefully we'll be going back again!).  He has on a little shirt with a picture of a cabin and the words "Ellijay, GA" We call him your "Moosey" and you love to naw on him - poor guy!  We ate lunch at a place downtown called Canterberry and both had sandwiches and I also had a cup of Chicken & Wild Rice soup which was really delicious!

That evening, we played Dice with the family while your Daddy, Jason, & Big Daddy all listened to the ball game on the porch (there's no cable at the cabin).  Your Daddy and I dominated the game rolling over 1,000 points on almost every turn each! :)  You also tried your best that night (and for the first time to my knowledge) to turn over!  You were laying on your back on your playgym and lifted your legs up to your chest and turned them to your right side.  Since then, pulling your legs up to your chest is one of your favorite things to do -- as soon as I unzip your Sleep Sack in the morning, your legs go right up to your chest!  It's so cute!  You'll be turning over before too much longer... as soon as you can figure out how to get over your shoulder.

We left the next morning and it didn't take us quite as long this time with a better sense of direction, and less traffic!  You got hungry about halfway home and we couldn't get the car-adapter to the bottle warmer to work correctly, you didn't fuss to badly, but you definitely weren't happy. 

We've had to start giving you a bottle more lately.  I'm just not able to make enough to keep you full.  The doctor says I can take a pill 3x a day and it might jumpstart my milk supply, but there are side effects such as anxiety and drowsiness -- both of which I can't afford right now with teaching Pre-K.  It was a hard decision to decide to move you to primarily bottle and just nurse you when I'm able (& one your Daddy isn't totally on board with), but you are perfectly content with the bottle.  You don't refuse it, don't spit up your formula, and you're just becoming more of a big girl. 

I was totally at peace with this decision until the other night.  I woke up in tears thinking about how I had decided not to nurse you anymore.  And how neither of us knew the last time was the last time.  So, I woke you up at 1:30 in the morning and took you into the living room and nursed you.  You loved it, and so did I.  I cried silently as I sweetly talked to you about what you were doing and why we were doing it.   I thought to myself that this was one of those "Mommy Moments."  After I put you back to sleep, I laid in bed and thought of all the other Mommy Moments I've had with you.  You smiling at me your first morning of daycare and my first morning back to work; the way you'll just lay and stare at me on the bed; reading books to you; when you coo and I'll respond as if we're having a conversation as I change your diaper after we get home from daycare; the way you snuggle your face against my neck in the mornings when I wake you up; the first time you grabbed your playgym bird and made him sing; watching you try to turn over; and there will be many more to come!

...and while I thought that was the last time, I've still tried to nurse you at some feedings and then give you a bottle if you're still hungry.  I just hate giving it up.  It's something sweet and special between just you and I.  I know that you're becoming bigger though and the most important thing is that you get enough to eat so you can grow even bigger!

I can't wait to watch you grow, Lucy Pearl and experience many more "Mommy Moments" with you!

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