Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just a beautiful day in the neighborhood... :)

I have had the PURE JOY of staying home with Lucy this week since we are off from school for Thanksgiving Break!  I really almost stressed that we would get bored of each other, or that I wouldn't be able to get thigns done that I needed to, but she has been an absolute angel and we couldn't be having a better time! 

We usually sleep in until about 7 and we get up and change her diaper and play for a bit.  She's so sweet and snuggly in the mornings, it melts my heart!  Then, we fill up her empty belly and by about 9:30 she's wanting to go back down for a little rest.  I say little, because it doesn't last but about an hour.  I have been eating my breakfast and checking my computer stuff during this time.  Then when she's up and at 'em again, we eat again and play.  I found a Children's Radio station on Pandora the other day, so I'll turn it on (on our BluRay player) and we'll sing songs, read books and have lots of good tummy time.  This morning, she couldn't stop flipping over -- it was so funny! Now, almost everytime I put her on her tummy she would flip to her back.  We just have to work on flipping to our bellies now!  Daddy usually comes home for lunch around 11:30 and so she eats again, and sits and plays with him.  Then around 1:30 she's ready to nap again.  She usually takes a good, long afternoon nap.  So she and I pile up on my bed and take a good hour and a half -- two hour nap.  It's blissful!  She wakes up cranky because, well, her tummy's empty again, but after eating she's back to her sweet, sweet self and spends fun time on the floor until Daddy comes home! 

It's been fun spending these days with you, Lucy, and figuring out your "schedule," your likes and dislikes and watching you learn new things every day!  Mama loves you, sweet girl!

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