Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just January.. :)

I don't think I've posted yet about my new job... I don't think.  So, let me catch up!  I was offered a Kindergarten Position at Creekside Elementary (where I did my student-teaching) here in Baldwin County startin January 3, 2012.  It was an incredibly hard decision to make, because I loved where I was at Learning Safari, loved being so close to home, loved being there with Lucy, loved loved loved the people I worked with... but this job had security, and health benefits, and retirement.  So, I packed up my things in the middle of the year and headed out towards town and became a Creekside Knight! 

The adjustment's been very warmingly welcome, a little nerve-wracking, and mostly as expected.  The class I am "fostering" are a sweet group of children that all love individualized attention!  We're really working on how to gain good attention though instead of negative attention. :)

My new parapro is wonderful!!  Her name is Kathy Deese, she's been doing this forever, and she really puts the pro in parapro.  She's AWESOME!  I could not come back to my job everyday without her.  Honestly.

Lucy has adjusted well with my being gone, too!  She has moved up to a new classroom at Learning Safari (Nursery B on 1/20/12).  The nursery she was in got too full, so they separated the older ones from the younger ones.  Ms. Ella is in there with them in the mornings and Ms. Kacie is in there in the afternoons.  I think she's loving getting to do a little more independent activities (more floor time, exersaucer, bigger toys, etc.).  She looks like such a big girl in that room!  That was the room I first worked in when I first worked at Learning Safari at the daycare.  I remember thinking at the time "I wonder if my baby will ever be in here?" and now I can not believe she is!  It really is mind-blowing! 

She is growing and changing every day!  She laughs a few times more every day and at something new.  She loves anticipating a tickle-fest.  When she's laying down and you pick her arms down and hold them up above her head, she starts giggling because she knows you're about to get her ribs!  It's so cute.  She is equally a Mommy and a Daddy's girl.  She loves playing with her Daddy but cuddling with her Mommy.  At night, I'm the only one she likes to rock with and actually go to sleep.  When Daddy tries, she'll lay her head down on his chest, but will keep picking it up abruptly and look  over at me like "I want to be over there with you, Mama!" 

We went to Newnan this weekend and saw my family.  Nathan is so grown and is so much fun to joke with.  He's really smart and starting to figure out what letter words start with.  I drew a picture of him & I on Kiki's chalkboard wall in her room and asked him how to spell our names.  He spelled his "Nopll" and mine "Lnllnnllnllnl"  Haha -- too funny!  Sallie is a little busy body!  She and Lucy's temperments are so opposite.  Lucy is so laid back compared to Sallie.  I love that they're so different -- makes it easier not to compare! :)  Sallie is scooting around all over the floor, but not yet on all fours.  She is starting to get bashful and will smile at you and then bury her face into the chest of whoever is holding her... so precious!  She is also very much in love with Lucy -- wants to hold her, kiss her, grab her.  Lucy loves her equally as much, just doesn't show it quite as dramatically! :)

Meme's birthday is on Tuesday, so we celebrated with steaks at Mama's & Daddy's this weekend.  They were sooo delicious!  Daddy's a master at the grill!  And Mama did a great job with the sides!  Sara made Meme a beautiful coconut cake -- I'm not really a fan of coconut, but I tasted a little and it was delicious (for coconut cake.. hehe)! 

We got home this afternoon and I went grocery shopping to get a few things, and then late this afternoon/early this evening I had a few friends over: Alecia Martin, Christy Sutton, Dena Stancil (& Caylin!).  Caylin is 14 months and Lucy is 6 months.  Caylin loved Lucy and loved pointing out all of Lucy's body parts "Lucy's eyes. Lucy's ears. Lucy's nose.  Lucy's mouth."  She is so smart -- she knows many animal sounds, can recognize the numbers 1 & 2, and can identify some colors.  It was too cute.  Lucy really enjoyed seeing her, too!  I hope they will be close friends. 

Speaking of smart babies... Lucy, I bought you some soft blocks at Wal-Mart. There are just 4 in the pack, and each one features a different animal, number, and color.  This past week I've been holding two of them up for you (the blue and the yellow) and showing you both of them "Lucy, this one is yellow (and I'll shake it) and this one is blue (and I'll shake it).  Where is the yellow one?" and every single time that I've asked you, you've touched the yellow one.  I used to think it was coincidence, but after doing it so many times and getting it right, I think you're just a downright smart cookie!! 

I love your little self so much, and just beam with pride at our little family! :)

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