Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Days 2 & 3

So, I've already failed on my 25 Days of Christmas Blog Posts, but not by far!  I can still catch up!!
Day 2:
Yesterday was Sunday, and I had big plans to start going back to church, and even try out the Methodist church again (since I miss traditional church), but got up and read facebook and read WAY too many posts about people having this awful stomach bug that's been going around.  I'm trying my darndest to stay away from it, and I just pray every day that Lucy doesn't catch it from daycare.  I hear it's AWFUL!
She slept in until almost 8:30!  I love weekends when she can sleep in, even though I still wake up early -- it's so nice! :)
Chris went with his mom to City Wholesale to pick up Big Mama's table and chairs that we used at Marshall Rd. and he brought them back here.  I helped him load them into the house and into the kitchen.  They look pretty good, not ideal, but decent enough.  I hate losing the open space that room provided, but we needed a table there, especially one that Lucy could bang up and us not feel like she was destroying money.  I love the meaning the table has, too though.  We all three sat around it last night and had stew meat for dinner.  It was our first family meal around a dinner table just the three of us.  As Chris & I ate, and Lucy banged her juice cup on the table, Chris smiled and said "Big Mama would be thrilled to know we were using this table and that she was having fun around it."  He is so right.
Lucy took an incredibly long nap yesterday -- nearly three hours!  Which was odd, especially for her having slept in... We got a lot done while she slept though.  I had bought a set of three bar stools (for $99!) at Bed, Bath, & Beyond a couple weeks ago and Chris decided to put them together.  No wonder they were only $99!!  They came in a bajillion pieces!!! He finally got the base of one put together, and when he brought it into the kitchen to see how it measured up in height, we noticed it had a terrible rock to it from the pieces being unbalanced in length... so we just packaged them back up.
Lucy finally woke up and we went over to visit MaMa & Pop.  It's so nice them being so close.  Lucy wasn't too keen on visiting, wanting to be by herself a lot and not being her usual sweet self.  She has learned how to make some pretty mean faces lately, and she was casting a lot of them at MaMa, although I don't think it was intentional...
We came home and played and went to bed.
Day 3:
Well, it was a typical Monday, starting off by running late!  Mondays are always the busiest mornings for me, because I have to make sure I have all of Lucy's stuff for daycare.  They send home her stuff on the weekends, so I wash it and bring it back on Mondays.  This includes her bookbag that has a change of clothes, boogie wipes, wipes, and diapers (which comes back and forth daily, because you never know when we might run over to Cindy & Smiley's or something...), her lovie, and her sleep mat (although they provide her with a mat and sheet at school, I still want to know, that I know, that I know, that I KNOW that she's sleeping on something clean.  Besides, it's super cute! :)  I take ALL of this, on top of my coffee & lunch, usually her jacket, and sometimes her quart of milk (Dr. Ivey recommends that she drink whole milk until she's at least 2 -- daycare only provides 1%, so I take a quart every couple of weeks).
Today was strangely warm for it to be December 3.  It was a high of 75.  So strange, but so appreciated!  I love living in the south!!
I had a typical day fighting off cooties, dousing myself in hand sanitizer at every thought of it, and trying to get things turned in on time. 
I was extremely late picking up Lucy because of a meeting I had after school.  Bummer. :(  I usually feed her a snack around 4:00 every afternoon.  By the time we got home (4:45) she was starving!
Chris came home from the gym with Wesley and they finished the steps.  They can't be walked on for at least 24 hours. Chris is bummed, because that meant he couldn't watch wrestling upstairs.  Because of our wood floors and how big our house is, we have to watch the tv on super low volume at night when Lucy's asleep.  Poor thing!
I finished up my research paper for grad school.  I only have one more small assignment to turn in by Thursday and I'll be done for this semester!!!  Then, I'll only have next semester (2 classes) and I'll have my Masters in Library Media!!! :)  Yay, me!
I suppose that's all. Until tomorrow... :)

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