Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Da Funk!

There has been this funk going around Milledgeville (& the rest of America, really from what I can tell on blogs and Facebook).  It's been going around our schools and daycare since before Thanksgiving.  I have tried my darnedest to stay away from it, washing my hands constantly, keeping sanitizer handy, and refusing to touch my students more than I had to. Mean?  Maybe.  But I really didn't want this funk!

I just prayed day for Lucy's health, knowing my odds of her not catching it were slim, with her only being 16 months old, in daycare, and constantly putting her hands in her mouth, swapping toys with peers, etc.

And she did.  She caught it.  5 days before Christmas break.  She threw up at school.  Only once.  But as soon as they called me, I took off running to the office to sign out to get to my baby.  Last time she vomited, she was so scared! I wasn't going to leave her without the comfort of her mama long.  I didn't want her to feel fear like that again.

When I got there, she was fine... Playing with the other children, had eaten snack and drank juice, and was holding it all down like a champ!  We got home, and no real change.  Other than spitting up a few times, she was her regular sweet, playful self!  5 1/2 hours passed...

...and she threw up again!  FIVE AND A HALF HOURS!!!

Only once, and then back to slep.

Although this time of her being sick hasn't been near as forceful, frequent, or fearful, she still needs her mommy.  And I still need to nurture and care for her.  So, we're slumber partying in the guest room, books and all!  She's asleep now, but I'm fearfully waiting 5 1/2 hours until her next due time to throw up. because I want to take her fears.  I want her to feel comforted, loved, and protected.  So I'm passing my time keeping up with what she's eaten and when, the times that she threw up and went to sleep so I can have documentation just in case it's needed.  

I'm fearful for her, but strong for her. 

It's a weird catch 22.  

Having a sick child is the worst part of parenting so far... 

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