Thursday, June 13, 2013


So this isn't the way I expected my Thursday to go....

Thursdays are supposed to be our "Brick" nights where we order out Ultimate Stuffed Sticks from The Brick and watch a marathon of movies/tv shows until we wake up in the middle of the night in our recliners.  

This isn't at all the way Thursday was supposed to go...

This Thursday was waaaaaaaay different than any other Thursday.  

Chris started having pain around his belly button Monday evening.  He didn't feel nauseous, so we treated it like gas pain, giving him lots of fiber and milk of magnesia (yuck!).  Tuesday he was a little better, but the pain had moved to his lower right abdomen.  Still treating it tenderly and walking gingerly, he wasn't totally washed out acting, but decided to call the doctor.  They couldn't see him until the next day at 3.  Wednesday was a MUCH better day, and wouldn't have gone to the doctor at all he said, but he already had the appointment, and just for the sale of argument, he went.  His doctor wasn't overly concerned that it may be his appendix, as he wasn't showing ANY other signs of appendicitis, but ran bloodwork to be sure.  Chris skipped his workout Wednesday (gasp!) and came on home.  He was fine the rest of the evening.

But Thursday morning at 3am, he got out of bed to get some apple juice, and couldn't get back in bed without assistance because the pain had gotten so bad! :( 

As soon as the doctor opened, h called requesting a ct scan.  They told him to come on in.

So we went around 10.  Thank goodness my mom was in town visiting to help watch Lucy while we were tending to Chris.  

While at th hospital, his pain didn't get any better!  After three nasty medicine shots chased by grape crystal light, he had the scan done and it showed he did indeed have appendicitis.

We waited for the best doctor and around 5, they started his appendectomy.

I cried.

I wasn't scared for him, because he's the strongest man I know.  He's my superman.  But I hated to see him hurt at all and knew this surgery was going to require recovery, where he won't be able to do a lot of his normal for the next several weeks (ie: pick up/roughhouse with Lucy, go to the gym, etc.). He's my rock, the one I always lean on, and he was broken.. 

He came out of the surgery like a champ though!  He is doing just fine and sleeping like a hibernating bear! :)

Lucy is doing great with Memaw and I can't thank her enough.  I haven't worried the first time about Lucy.  And apparent she hasn't worried the first time about us either :)

I'm fighting every urge to climb in bed beside him and snuggle my big ol' teddy bear, but need to at least submit to the urges of sleep. 

Goodnight Thursday!

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