Sunday, June 9, 2013

Toodle-Loo Diaper-Roo! :)

Two days ago, I decided to reintroduce Lucy to potty-training.  We attempted this about three months ago with a HUGE day dedicated to nothing but "letting the tee-tee out!"  We ate all kinds of junky food (that she would want to snack on to therefore make her want to drink more, to therefore make her want to pee more... see where this was going?), we bought a super-de-duper-nifty-rifty Minnie Mouse cup (with a straw I might add!) to drink her juice (and not just any juice -- oh, baby, she had Capri Sun!!) from, and a Baby Alive (that really pees!).... to no avail. 

She ate the snacks -- oh she loved them!

She drank the juice -- oh boy, did she love the juice!

She couldn't figure out how to drink from the straw -- (*eye roll*)

And the doll kept her interest for........ about 2 seconds.

But she would NOT use the bathroom.  We had her in these SUPER cute panties, and she wouldn't have accidents in her panties, but she wouldn't go in the potty either.  No matter how much juice she drank -- she held it!  Ai-yi-yi!

So we dropped it.  The school year was coming to a close, graduation was sneaking up on me, I had school work.... yadda, yadda yadda....

But just recently... she's started telling me "no diaper, mommy!"  but she wouldn't sit on the potty for longer than two seconds still.

So I Googled.  And Pinterested.  And scoured the internet (glad I live in today's world) and found the idea that instead of just rewarding them for going -- try rewarding them for even SITTING on the potty.  HOW FREAKING GENIUS!!!

So two days ago we did just that.  We sat on that potty every 20 minutes.  But she held it ...... for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!!  She had an accident during one of the 20 minute intervals, we took a nap, and let the rest of the afternoon just be a diaper kind of afternoon because I had errands to run, and frankly, I'm just not quite ready to tackle panties in public -- ;)

The next day, I was ready -- I lowered our time intervals to every 10 minutes and started from the moment she woke up.  But this time, she held it for THREE HOURS!!  Geeze-Louise!  We had an accident, ate lunch, took a nap (with panties on!), woke up tee-tee free (yay!), went straight to the potty and LET THE TEE-TEE OUT!!  Woo-Hoo!!!!  We had the BIGGEST dance party!!  The rest of the afternoon was spent in panties too, but we were more lax on the intervals because by this time, I had learned that she was only going to go every 2 1/2 -- 3 hours.  However, right before dinner, I knew it was coming, so we were doing the intervals at every 5-10 minutes and I missed it again.  Honestly.

I think we had a good start!  I do know that I need to buy more training panties, because we can quickly use up the whole 3-pack in one day.  We've laid off of the training for the last couple of days because of this and will catch back up next week!  Looking forward to our diaper-free days! :)

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