Saturday, April 9, 2016

Happy WINDS-day!

This week, coming back from Spring Break, was a long one for us!  It seemed to never want to end!

Baby #3 has me very exhausted.  I don't know if it's having two other children who are so young, being in exhausting stage of pregnancy during an exhausting time of the school year, or a combination.  But by 4:00, I am worn OUT!

We had to get onto Lucy this week because she was still wanting to run after her  Daddy as he dropped her off for school.  We had to tell her that if she did it again, I was going to have to start taking her to school.  She doesn't want that, because then she is there so early she has to be dropped off in Austin's daycare room, and it makes her feel like a baby.  After we told her that, she hasn't done it since.  She's also been riding the bus to my school in the afternoons.  She doesn't care for after school too much, and it costs the same for me to have her ride the bus as it does to send her to after school, so I let her just ride to me on the days that Cindy can't pick her up.  (Cindy has gone this week to Jekyll Island with Kacie, Wesley, & the girls since they are on Spring Break) Lucy also started saying "yellow" this week.  It's not consistent (yet!), but it is still sad to hear her lose her "Lell-low" :(  She has been learning about space at school and is very interested in our Earth, other planets, Sun, & stars.  So fun!  Her class is taking a field trip to the planetarium at GCSU next week -- I know she'll have a blast!

Austin is starting to enter his "terrible two's" except, they're not terrible.  He's just wanting to become very independent, such as feeding himself completely.  Even something as messy as spaghetti.  And he's not wanting to share.  Anything he sees that he wants, he thinks he can get and will try to bully it out of your hands (or more often, Lucy's hands).  We're having to be strict on him to not hit or push.  He's talking more and more every day.  A lot of it is still probably very incomprehensible to others, but to us, we know what he's saying. He can say:  Mama, Dadda, ball, Mel-mo (Elmo), Dat (Mickey Mouse -- he used to say "mee mow" but then changed it), ball, juice, num-num (gummies -- his favorite snack!), Lilah (what he calls any cat after our cat, Delilah), thank you, love you, bye, hi -- I think those are it! 

Yesterday, we went to Chilly Milly after school and met Dena Stancil and her girls.  Lucy enjoyed hers and Austin didn't care for the one I'd fixed him.  I figured he wouldn't because he doesn't care for cold food, but after I fixed mine (fudge brownie batter, with real brownie bits, cookie dough, white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, hot fudge, & whipped cream), he ate every bite!  He was a MESS!  He had it, literally, from head to toe.  Then, he walked out of there like a boss, who just dropped the mic, on a mission to the car.  There were some college girls sitting outside of Velvet Elvis and they were just going on and on about how cute he was.
 We had so much fun with Dena and her girls we decided to do dinner at their house last night.  Ally Grace was so excited to have someone her size to play with.  She just kept loving on Austin, knocking him down with hug after hug.  I mean, can you blame her?  He is a handsome hunk!
And these two girls had the most fun they've had together! I think they finally remembered each other, so we didn't have to spend our whole time being shy and trying to warm up to the other one.  Ha!

 Here's a picture of the Fab 5 (soon to be Super 6!)  Lucy had played Beauty Salon with Caylin & Suzi Kate.  That's why they're all dolled up! ;)

Today is Saturday, and it's windy outside making it a little chillier than it has been.  Our cabinets that we had built for the playroom were delivered, and Chris is outside painting them white.  My two babies want to be outside playing.  So we got all dressed and bundled up and headed out.  Lucy was doing great, but Austin wasn't happy.  Probably just too cold.  So I headed back inside with him, but now he's upset that he's not outside!  Can't win for losing with that kid!

We'll try heading out again later.

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