Friday, April 1, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away (after you wash the pollen away!)

Today has been a very rainy day.  In fact, it was a very rainy and stormy night!  

Chris took me out to dinner at the Brick last night for my birthday, and we took Lucy along with us.  Poor thing wanted to go so bad, because she just loves going out to eat at the Brick, but she was so tired!  She had ridden her tricycle all the way from CiCi & Papa's house to our house yesterday.  Took her almost an hour!  On top of no nap, she was just worn out.  So, we had to deal with her being a little loopy at supper last night, but she was fine and we enjoyed a good meal.  She then spent the night at CiCi & Papa's.  

It stormed all night though!  I'm talking thundering and lightening and lots and lots of rain!!  And it's barely slowed up today, with several more storms and only patches of time with no rain at all.  It made for great napping weather, though, as I got BOTH of them to nap for almost 2 hours!  Lucy barely wants to nap anymore, usually just settling for "quiet time" with her iPad instead.  But with today's storms, she napped -- hard!  Poor thing needed it.

I'm glad we've gotten all of this rain -- it's going to wash the pollen right on out of here!  The pollen has finally gotten to each of us.  It's been giving me drainage at night, which is terrible since I already have a hard time sleeping with the nausea and the getting up to tinkle.  Yesterday, it had both Lucy & Austin's eyes all swollen and goopy.  Lucy's right eye was so red and swollen, I sent a picture of it to her doctor (Dr. Bowers) and he actually called her in some Amoxicillin.

Today is our last "day" of Spring Break.  After this weekend, we all start back to school for the final 35 days (7 weeks).  Lucy is in Pre-K at Learning Safari with Summer Leggat as her teacher (Assistant is Morgan Brown).  Austin is at Learning Safari, too, in the 1 year old class.  He doesn't love it.  And I'm teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Special Education self-contained this year.  I enjoy it a lot!

So, we've got lots of winding down to do, and gearing up to do for the Summer!

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