Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Weekend #1... yes, I said #1 :)

This year, my birthday falls on a Tuesday... bummer! Who wants to go to school and work and spend all day away from the pleasure of doing just whatever you want that day? I mean, it's YOUR day afterall! But, the plus side to it being in the middle of the week, is that you get to have not one, but TWO birthday weekends! ... yay for me! :)

So this weekend, was birthday weekend #1 -- with the Perkins family! We had been talking for about a week, and Sara was going to make me a cake, and we were going to cook out or something... The night before we were supposed to leave, we had all decided on ordering Partners II Pizza - the most awesome pizza place around! It has all kinds of crazy pizzas. Friday morning, I woke up to what was the yuckiest day, and I had to drive in it all the way to Macon for seminar.... ick! However, halfway through our 2nd session, Macon sends off their tornado signals (which, they may have been sending them off a little early just to be on the safe side, since they just had a natural disaster here about a year ago). Well, I wasn't going to get caught in it, if I was going to have to drive an hour back to Milledgeville and I still had 2 hours to sit in this seminar... So, I scooted on back to Milledgeville... pronto! Meanwhile, Christopher & I decide that since it is going to be such bad weather, we didn't want to drive in it that night or be stuck in Newnan with hail storms and tornados, so we decided just to stay put in Milledgeville.

And although, considering the weather forecast, that was probably the safest thing to do, it just ate me alive that I wasn't going to be spending my first birthday weekend with my family, and they had gone to all of this trouble making sure it was going to be so much fun! So, I packed our things, and off we went! It didn't rain a single drop the whole way down there!

So here came Saturday, the day of hail and tornados (supposedly). Um, it may have thundered... six times and pretty much just had a light rain all day... Although, we had planned on being stuck inside, and I had brought just comfy clothes and Christopher had brought lots of movies, that was alright with me, because it was still light enough for me to go to Target! :)

Saturday evening, everybody showed up: Joyce & Joe, Alison, Jim & Brady, Connie, Greg, Robyn, Will, & Bryan, Meme & Preacher Pa, and my cousins Boone & Mollie-Emma were already there since they were visiting for the weekend, oh and of course my family: Dad, Mom, Sara, Jason, Nutter-Butter, Christy, & my wonderful husband-to-be, Christopher! Everyone brought their own pizzas. We had, of course, Partners II Pizza -- cheeseburger pizza & baked potato pizza -- yummmmy! & Sara spent her afternoon baking me the most wonderful cake in the world, completely homemade -- yellow cake with chocolate icing! MmMmMmMmMmMm :)

Everyone went home, and the evening eventually ended... but then the next morning....

Christopher & I went to The Mart in Atlanta to look for wedding rings! :) <3

We, unfortunately, didn't find one for me, since mine has to have a curve in it, and I did not feel comfortable leaving it with one of those companies up there, however, we did find Christopher's ring! It is just beautiful -- and he picked it out all by himself! It is not your average plain ring, it has lots of detail, and as soon as I find a picture of it, I will post it! I have to go back in 2 weeks to pick it up -- I am so excited! :) Now, we're just on a mission for my ring... Dun! Dun! Dun!!

Well, I have to get ready to drive to Macon for class... joy!

Love you all,

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  1. I love your writing style... I feel like I'm right in the room with you!