Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Well, it's here. The big "deuce-deuce." It started out just as I expected a birthday that lands on a Tuesday would go...

The first happy birthday came from Christopher at exactly 12:00 midnight last night and a text message from Summer just a few minutes later. Then this morning, I woke up to a kiss on the cheek and a "Happy Birthday" from Christopher as he walked out the door to go to work and let me sleep in....only to have Christy call me several minutes later to wish me a happy birthday! That was great though - I love the fact that people remember my birthday and care enough to call or text me -- it makes me feel loved!

I got up, checked my facebook and found even more happy birthday messages! Then, I went to pick out a pretty cute outfit for the day, not only because it was my birthday but because it was also... (drum roll please) .... LICENSE RENEWAL DAY!!! whoop-de-doo!

So, I got to spend 1 1/2 hours of my birthday sitting at the DMV waiting to get a new license. The lady says "Would you like the 5 year or the 10 year period for when you have to renew it again?" I replied "10 year, please. I would like to look this young for as long as I can. :)" Good news is, I got a pretty cute picture out of it, considering it is for my license -- those things ususally never turn out good!

I then drove an hour to school, only to do school work that I find out later isn't even due today -- my teacher pushed it back a week! But, I had to go to class anyways, which is eventful... not!

Although everything I did all day on my birthday was not what I would have done by choice, it turned out great because I got phone calls and text messages all day long of all these people that I love in my life, telling me happy birthday! :)

I got home, and Christopher was in the shower, but there were two cards on the table -- one from his parents and one from his sister and brother-in-law. They were both so sweet! Especially the card from his sister because she had picked out a card that said "To my sister..." and that almost made me cry!

Christopher then gave me my first gift: Ratchet & Clank (a video game for Playstation3 that we can play together -- :) ) and then, he took me out to eat. I chose to go to Ruby Tuesdays because they have this amazing penne pasta and shrimp dish.... mMmMmMmMm! It is soo good! & then I came home to my 2nd (or really 3rd, if you count dinner) gift which was......

(another drum roll please....)

Tickets to WWE Monday Night Raw for April 13, 2009!!!!!!

Now, you may think that this is silly, and for those of you who know me might be thinking "Becca doesn't like that sort of thing..." But! You're wrong! I love going to Live wrestling shows! & the best part is, this is the night of their draft meaning that ALL of the wrestlers are going to be there, even the ones that I have never gotten to see in person and have always wanted to see (John Cena, Triple HHH, etc.)

Ah, I love him! He is the greatest!

Well, we are going to go play our game ---

Love you all,

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  1. You're such a tomboy at heart... except when you have to get sweaty. But, you love getting sassy with the big boys!