Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There after me lucky charms!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and one of my favorite holidays of the year! Why? For tons of reasons... First of all, it's in my birthday month and the official "2 weeks until my birthday" day! (it's the March 31st if you didn't already know!) My favorite color is green -- it literally makes me feel happy to see it... and you see it everywhere all.month.long! And everyone is forced to wear it -- or get pinched!

So I got really excited thinking about something green I was going to wear, and decided to wear my white polo shirt, khaki pants, and the CUTEST green jacket from target (all purchased by mom now that I think about it... thanks mom!) So, I had to go student teach that morning in my first grade classroom (with my very own little leprachauns!) I walked in to a school that looked like a leprachaun had blown up in it -- the kids were walking around with green hair (the school would dye it for $1 donation to PTO), of course green outfits, green necklaces that lit up, crazy shamrock bobble-headband things, glittery-green shamrock shaped glasses, and the list goes on... but like I said -- it all made me happy! I finally get to my classroom, after making my way through what looked like a large group of leprachauns, and what do my students do? THEY PINCH ME! I was like "Ow! Why are you pinching me?" and their reply was "because you dont have on green!" I was thinking... these kids MUST be color blind - this is my favorite day and my favorite color, and I am wearing the CUTEST green jacket! And I said "yes, I am! My jacket's green!" and they said "Nope, it's not buttoned or zipped, so it's not really on...." and then proceeded to pinch me. Darn kids will use any excuse to pinch their teacher :)

So, not only did the school already look lucky charm crazy... but they took it even further! They made green apple cotton candy for all the kids to have after lunch! Of course I had to grab me a bag and it was good! I just couldn't get enough of the day, green cookies, green cupcakes, pot-o-gold from the students, it was just the perfect st. patricks day!

On a different note...

I am so excited for Chris & I to get married that it just can NOT get here fast enough! I have known from very early on, that we were going to spend the rest of our forevers together (even if he didn't!) and I have just been waiting for this day my whole life.

Getting married & becoming a wife, being a mother, and having a career as a teacher have always been my 3 main goals in life. I'm working on 2 of them now (not the other one for a couple of years!) and am just so overwhelmed that it is all happening! I never thought they would actually get here, and here they are! I am graduating in about a year to be a teacher, and I am about to be married and become a wife... but not just that, I am marrying the most wonderful man in the world! He is the greatest! I just love everything about him (well, nearly.. just kidding!) He is so smart and so sweet and caring and romantic I just can't get enough of him! I just wanted everyone to know how much I cannot wait to marry the love of my life and finally get started on knocking out these goals of mine! :)

I hope everyone else's St. Patty's days were as cherished as mine!

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