Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rest in Peace? Doubt it!

Unfortunately on Friday, January 8, 2010, we lost my dear Papa Perkins. He was such a good man and lived a long life that proved so. He was an 82 year old dialysis patient, and truly could not fight any longer for his life. He remained in a medically-induced coma for about a week and a half before they decided to take him completely off of any life support on Friday. We all wondered "What is Papa thinking about? Is he dreaming? Is he just numb?" Kacie, my sister-in-law who is an ICU nurse for critical heart patients in Macon, told me that the sedation medicine makes the patients have good dreams of being at the beach in paradise and so on and so forth. This was a happy thought. However, there were many times during that week and a half that didn't compell you to have happy thoughts. Instead, our bodies went ahead and let our hearts and minds cope with "letting him go." At least mine did, anyways. So, when Friday came, of course I was sad. And I definitely cried when I heard. Yet, at his visitation, I could not be anything more than happy. I struggled with this as I thought "Gosh, there must be something wrong with me!" People kept coming up to me and asking me "How are you doing?" expecting me to say "Not so good..." but instead, I answered "I'm wonderful!" Hmmm..... I found myself telling people that if I knew anyone on this Earth that wanted to meet Jesus so bad, it was him! He wanted to meet Jesus so incredibly much, that the ONE time that his family is begging him to go back and sit in his chair & watch a Braves game & play his guitar, he said to himself "Ain't no way... I have a chance to meet Jesus. You think I'm gonna give that up?" We couldn't bring him home to Mt. Carmel Rd., because he was already headed home to Heaven.

So, Rest in Peace? Nah... He's not resting. You can bet your bottom dollar that he's up there dancing with my Memaw, a reunion they've both been waiting for, he's singing gospel songs with angels, and he's holding hands with God. He's too busy to rest. I hope he doesn't get worn out by the time I get there. I'm gonna want a dance or two with my Papa when that day comes.

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