Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Southern Gentleman in Georgia!!

Ladies, If you like tall, dark, handsome men & love baseball, have I got a catch for YOU!!! :)

Meet Jonathan...

What are some of his perks??

  • He is 24 years old (will be 25 in September)

  • He is 6'1" -- how's that for tall, dark, and handsome?

  • He lives in Athens, Georgia

  • He is an avid baseball fan, and currently works for UGA as the Athletic Departments Equipment Manager.

  • He hopes to persue a career in the same line of work, as he just graduated last year.

  • He does NOT drink or smoke -- never has, never will!

Jonathan is my husband's best friend & is such a genuinely sweet guy who just hasn't happened to find his soulmate. He would love the opportunity to win your heart with his warm smile and his "southern gentleman" mannerisms.

Ladies, if you're looking for someone who will treat you right, shoot me an email at telling me a little bit about yourself, as well as a picture & I will put it in the right hands!

I promise, you will not be disappointed with this guy! He's a keeper!!


  1. Wish I was closer to GA & I'm a little bit older (27). Hope that he finds someone perfect! :)

  2. maybe he could check out my blog? :-)

  3. emailed you... praying for him to find the one God has, regardless of who that might be. ;-)

  4. and btw, i forgot to mention - i'm a big sports fan, LOVE baseball & football (the more masculine sports) and before i got sick i was a gymnast for YEARS... played softball as a kid but once i set foot in a gym, that was it!

  5. Check out my friend Abby at she is awesome and we live close to Athens. And most importantly she is a dawg fan too! Email me if intersted at

  6. Check out my blog to read about my best friends Lindy and Jennifer. Maybe one of them would be the perfect match for Jonathon.... We're all Gator girls but a little fun rivalry never hurt anyone ;) #157 on Kelly's list.