Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little bit of this...

Yesterday, Mom came and helped me clean, organize and rearrange my classroom! She had brought me the curtains that my Aunt Connie had sewn for me! They are such a pretty color and really "pop" in that room. Everything looks GREAT! All it needs now is 20 little people to fill it up! :) I am absolutely ecstatic about starting in just 3 weeks from TODAY!

Also, yesterday, Chris & I got approved for a loan so that we can buy the house that we've been living in from his dad. We close on it August 12!! :) Yay!

It has been extremely hot and humid lately here in Milledgeville. Apparently the temperatures hit record highs a few days ago... yikes!

Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment to get my hair trimmed up in the back, and then I will be off to meet Mom to pick up my little sister & Robyn. They are coming to stay Thursday night with us so that they can help decorate in my classroom & visit some of the colleges here. I plan to show them Georgia College & State University, Georgia Military College, and Macon State College. Let's hope one or both of them decide to come be over here on my side of Georgia for a while! :)

Today is just a relaxing day... After cleaning all day yesterday with Mom, my allergies really started acting up last night, so I took a Benadryl. I don't think I've completely come out of the drowsy state from it yet. :( I'll just spend the day cleaning my own house and get started getting things ready for Pre-K Orientation! :)

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