Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I feel terrible for not having blogged in a bit... So, the biggest question then is "What have we been up to lately?"


On Tuesday, August 30, at about 8 pm, my sweet Preacher Pa passed away.  He was at home and was surrounded by sweet family both in person and in spirit.  There in person were my Mom and sister, Sara with her children Nathan & Sallie, and my Uncle Bubba and cousin Rachel Wentlent as well as my Meme, of course.  They had all finished dinner and lit a candle and had soft music playing in the background. He had been breathing pretty heavily and rhythmically all day they said.  My grandmother sat next to him and held his hand and whispered to him for him to go on and go to heaven, that we were all going to be okay.  She then told him, "I'll be right back, I'm going to go open the door so your spirit can leave," and she proceeded to open the front door.  While she was gone, his breathing became more irractic.  Upon her return, she told him that she had loved him her whole life and that she would finish things up here if he would go on and be preparing a place for her there so they could continue to love each other for eternity.  Shortly after, my grandfather began to breathe slowly and as the rest of the family who were present gathered around, he drew his last breath.  So sweet!   

His funeral was arranged for this past Sunday, September 4 at 3 pm.  Chris, Lucy, & I went up on Saturday and came back Monday on Labor Day.  Chris was a Pall Bearer and I was asked to read a poem I had written at the graveside service.  Chris thoughtfully got up and spoke a few words also when asked if anyone had anything they wanted to share.  He spoke about how genuine Preacher Pa was in being interested in your life and what you were up to when he asked.  He said that he & his grandmother (Big Mama) had that in common and that he was so glad to know that since they were such good friends on Earth that they could now be friends in Heaven.  :)  Lucy had to stay in the nursery there at the church but did such a great job -- sweet girl just slept the whole time!  Lucy, I am so glad that you are such an easy baby and that you do so well for other people as well as your Daddy & I.

Aside from the sad circumstances, it was so nice to be able to see out-of-town family that we don't get to see very often.  It was also a nice opportunity for them to get to meet Lucy, too!

It has just started to feel like Fall weather here recently and it's so nice!  I hope it stays like this for a while before it turns cold for the winter! I don't think we've had a true "fall" in a while.  It usually goes from scorching hot to freezing cold in seconds flat, it feels like!

Work is still going well.  The children are getting more used to me, I think, as I am them.  It was a nice surprise when I returned to learn that I would have a student teacher this semester.  "Miss Kay" is such a great help in our classroom!  And I, of course, still love having "Ms. Mary" around and don't know what I would do without her!

Lucy, is also doing well in daycare.  She's been taking at least one formula bottle a day there, just to get used to the idea of one, and also to help my stash stay stacked.  Just recently though, she's turned picky and won't take the formula bottle very well, and will usually only take it from Ms. Jackie.  She also has just recently started smiling with meaning! :)  I've caught her doing it a couple of times just after I feed her, but last night her Daddy got to see it too right before her bath.  So sweet!

This week is a "short week" because of the holiday, yesterday.  I can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday!  I'll try to update a bit more frequently.

Until then...

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