Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cow-Eat-Uh County, Georgia :)

Lucy & I snuck in a quick trip to Newnan this week to visit our family here!  It's always fun to see them, but it's a little more spectacular when the trip is planned on the fly! :) 

Poor Daddy isn't doing so well with us being gone.  Bless him, he feels as if his heart has been ripped away from him -- which, I guess considering I'm the love of his life and Lucy is, literally, half him the heartache is probably pretty reasonable!  He's kept himself busy this afternoon and evening with shopping at some antique stores downtown and watching the Atlanta Braves and some of his favorite t.v. shows he's DVR'd.  He's also getting to enjoy playing with Wesley & Jonathan on the PS3 tonight.  I hope he enjoys a quiet, FULL-NIGHT of rest tonight :)

Lucy did so great on the way over here!  She coo'd a little while on 441, but by the time we hit Highway 16, she was out like a light!  Bless her -- she slept the whole way!  When we had just gotten into Newnan, my Daddy called and asked where we were.  When I told him we were in Newnan, he said "I can't believe y'all didn't stop by my office!"  I told him we had still not passed that part of town and that we would stop by.  It was special for Lucy to get to see where Big Daddy works!  She was able to meet Miss Jennifer & see Uncle Billy again.  Lucy just stared at the bright flourescent lights and even smiled a little for her Big Daddy.  We stayed for about an hour and headed on to the house.

We met Kiki there & she helped bring in all of our bags!  She's such a great help!  Soon after, Memaw got home with Nathan & Sallie!  Nathan is so sweet with Lucy!!  He just wanted to hold her and kiss her and didn't even hesitate to "cheese" at the camera (he normally does not like smiling for pictures)!  Sallie is so much longer than Lucy, but Lucy looks so much chunkier than Sallie -- her big cheeks probably does not help her in that department.  It's so much fun to see Sallie each time and "preview" what Lucy should be doing in the next month or so, and just how much she may grow. 

Eventually Sara & Big Daddy came home, too and we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut.  Since Lucy does not like it when I eat tomato-based products (it makes her a fussy eater), I had to order a personal pan chicken and cheese pizza with alfredo sauce.  Yuck -- thanks, Lucy! :)

After dinner, we went to see Meme & Preacher Pa.  Everytime I see him is just so special.  It is not a secret that I have a terrible memory, and so I'm trying really hard to hold on to everything he's saying to me.  I try to take lots of pictures and even video'd a special message from him to Lucy.  I remember when my Papa died back in January of 2010, I cried at his viewing because I already couldn't remember the sound of his voice.  I was able to remember it though when we sang "How Great Thou Art" during his funeral service though and each time that I want to remember, I think of that song and I can hear him singing it.  I don't think I'll have that problem with Preacher Pa's -- his is so distinctly deep! :)  

I did write a poem for Preacher Pa this week.  Several days ago when Lucy got up for one of her early morning (2-3 am) feedings, God blessed me with the words.  As I was feeding her, I couldn't get to a paper and pen, so I reached for my phone and typed the whole thing into a text message on my phone and sent it to myself.  This was a very lengthy process, but I'm glad I thought of it.  Like I said, my memory does not serve me well, and I knew I wouldn't remember the words in the morning!

This evening, I took Lucy over to Sara's to give her a bath.  This girl can't miss bath night!  After all the spitting up she does -- bath time is important!  She always smells so sweet and is so cuddly after a bath.  I gave her to her Big Daddy so he could soak up some snuggles since he missed out on so many last time we were here, because he was on a trout fishing trip with some of his buddies in Ellijay. 

Tomorrow, we plan to go play with Sara & Sallie.  We're going to go visit Meme & Preacher Pa again and then Lucy & I will head on back to Milledgeville.  We can't wait to get back home to our Daddy. I know he's missed us, but I think we're missing him just a little bit more!  :)

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