Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Month!

Lucy -- Today, you are ONE MONTH OLD!

I can't believe it has already been one month since the best day of my life!  You are changing so much everyday.  I can already tell that you are so much bigger now than you were 4 weeks ago.  As much as I want you to stay little, I can't wait for each new milestone you're going to reach!

At one month, Miss Lucy, you:

Weigh 8 lbs. 13 oz. and are 21 inches long!!

Will sleep 2 -- 2 1/2 hour stretches at night.  About 2 weeks ago, we moved you from sleeping in a bouncy chair in your crib, to sleeping in a co-sleeper (Snuggle Nest) in our bed.  You'll wake up to eat, I'll burp you, change your diaper, and lay you back down and we'll start all over.  Between 5-6, you'll wake up and are ready to be out of your co-sleeper, but not done sleeping, so you & I will move into the living room in one of the recliners and continue sleeping.  We'll usually sleep until about 10 am like this. 


 Spit up A LOT!  You've gotten me good several times, soaking my clothes as well as yours and even ringing my mouth a couple of times -- disgusting, yes!  But I don't mind... :)  You & I stink of breastmilk & spit up pretty much 24/7.  A smell your Daddy's learning to live with... and dare I say, love! :)

Are just now moving into size 1 diapers. For about the past week, your newborn diapers have seemed to fit a bit snug, but your size 1's appear to swallow you.  I think we've officially moved to size 1's now, though because you had a huge blow-out in your newborn size diapers last night resulting in a bath when it wasn't even bath night -- yuck!

Speaking of baths, you get one every other night.  While I bathe you, Daddy puts your towel & pajamas in the dryer and gets your new diaper & lotion ready.  Then, he scoops you up and we take you into your room and lotion you up with Johnson & Johnson's lavendar lotion, put a diaper on you, put on your pj's, & brush your pretty hair -- you smell so good after a bath, I could sniff you all night!

Make the sweetest faces and the funniest sounds -- you coo a lot when you're lightly sleeping and it sounds just like a puppy.  Other times, you make this raspy sound in your throat, especially when someone picks you up while you're sleeping that sounds like a pterodactyl.  You also get the hiccups a lot and sneeze in sets of 2 or 3.  When you sneeze, I tell you "God bless your little bones... and your heart, and all your other organs!"

Speaking of things we tell you... your Daddy loves to say "Goodness Gracious!... Goodness Gracious Alive!" to you all the time or "Oh my goodness!" If I were a betting woman, I would bet that your first word will probably be "goodness" -- ha! 

You are learning to love tummy time -- you love it a lot more when Daddy does it with you.  You love to show off your neck strength when you're laying on my chest in the recliner.  Just recently you've taken an interest in looking at different toys I put down on the floor next to you.  You especially love the ones that have a mirror on them so you can see yourself.

You've smiled (for real) once or twice.  Once was the other day while waiting for the doctor to come in to see you -- so sweet! :)

You've made 2 successful trips to Memaw & Big Daddy's -- both times you've slept almost the entire way in the car.  You don't mind your carseat and the vibration of riding in the car lulls you to sleep every time.  I ride in the back with you when we go long distances, but really don't need to because you just sleep the whole time!

Love having your hands by your face and arms in the air!  You can't stand for someone to try to move your hands -- you'll hold them stiff so that they can't.  You'll be asleep in my arms and as soon as your Daddy picks you up your arms go straight over your head like "Touchdown!"

Have had your first photoshoot with Danielle Avery (Ladybug Mugs Photography in Newnan) for your Newborn pictures -- they turned out so cute!

Were baptized by your great-grandfather, Preacher Pa, on August 14, 2011 in what will be his last sacrament as a preacher.  He is turning off his dialysis machine in a few weeks, so you won't remember him, but he left a sweet message to you that I videotaped for you to watch in years to come.

I wanted to celebrate your one-month birthday all day by getting you a Smiley Face cookie or baking cupcakes, because one month is a big deal (for Mama & baby!)! So, tonight, your Daddy went to Wal-Mart & got supplies to throw you a mini-birthday party! He set it all up in our bedroom without me knowing. He had pink balloons, a card, & gift, and even miniature cupcakes with a #1 candle on top! It was so sweet! Inside the card he had written the sweetest note from the two of us & got you some pretty sweet gifts -- bigger sized onesies, a little frog that sings, and another special blankie. Lucy, you really do have the best Daddy in the world! We're both lucky to have someone as great as him in our lives!

Happy Birthday, Lucy!  We love you so very much! :)

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