Thursday, August 11, 2011

Future Friends :)

Today, we got ready and ate lunch at MaMa & Pop's!  She was serving Chicken & Dumplings AND Spaghetti -- how does she find time to cook & keep two small children?  I can barely find time to wash my hair with Lucy! :)

The usual crowd was there, but for the last time of the summer: Macie, Mollie, Megan, David, Papa, & of course, MaMa & Pop!  Megan starts back school at JMA on Monday and Macie starts going to Milledgeville FUMC's 3-day/week 3 year old Preschool Program.  She starts Monday, too!  Today, she went for Open House & LOVED it she said.  She told me all about her teachers, the toys, and all of the other girls and boys.  When I asked her if they were nice she said "not too nice, but a little nice."  I know she's going to really love it once it gets started.

Lucy slept through most of lunch, and we came on home.  We were home for just about an hour when our friend Dena Stancil stopped by with her daughter, Caylin.  Caylin is 8 months old and is so beautiful!  She is saying "bye-bye" and waving and is wanting so badly to take some steps.  I hope that she and Lucy will be good friends in the future! :)  I really should have taken some pictures.... I hate I didn't think to do that!  Hopefully next time!

Chris's birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get him... :( I am usually really good at coming up with great gift ideas, but I am in Mommy-mode and stuck at the moment.  I've gotten him one gift, but it's a gift that he'd like not necessarily something he wants.  I'm toying with a couple of ideas, we'll just have to see...

While Lucy is napping and waiting for her favorite playmate to come home & play with her (her Daddy), I am going to start packing for our trip to Newnan this weekend.  Lucy & Sallie are getting baptized by Preacher Pa -- how special! :)

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