Saturday, March 3, 2012

Strong-willed baby!

Hahaha. It's Saturday morning and I am currently holding you while you feed yourself your mid morning bottle. (have I mentioned you can hold your own bottle? Even if you drop it, you're able to pick it up and continue feeding yourself! You've been able to do this for at least two months now..) every time we fix your bottle you'll grab it out of our hands to get it.

Anyways just a few minutes ago, shortly after you started drinking it, I noticed you werent sucking on it anymore. So, thinking it may have been clogged, I tried to take it out of your mouth to see. As I pulled on your bottle to take it away, you satellite the way up and yanked it back in your mouth before I could tell anything about whether it was clogged or not! It definitely made us laugh at what a strong-willed baby you are! :)

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